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Living Life Until.. Chapter 10 A One Direction FanFiction Harry's

Living Life Until..
Chapter 10
A One Direction FanFiction

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up to Bri's gorgeous face. 
"Good Morning Babe" I said to her as I kissed her face.
"How'd you sleep?" I asked
Bri came out of the shower looking beautiful. I needed to pop the question to her. I didn't know when or how but I thought tonight would be the perfect night. I had it all planned out. 
"You want to go out tonight? Around 8?" Bri agreed to it.
Quarter to 8 Bri came down in the most gorgeous dress. It was perfect for her. I walked over to her and gave her a kiss and I walked her out to the car. We arrived to the resturant and the whole car ride our hand were intertwined.
"Reservation for Styles?" I asked the waiter.
"Yes, right this way"
He took us to our table. An outside table- with lights. It was perfect and I knew this was the perfect time to ask Bri. I got out of my seat and went down on my one knee and said
"Bri, you are perfect, gorgeous, the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. You are the one I want to spend my whole life with." At this point Bri was already in tears.
"What I'm trying to say is... Bri, will you marry me?" 
Bri looked at me and said "Harry, yes. Yes I will marry you!" I got up and pulled her in for a kiss. People were clapping and cheering. I was the luckiest man in the world to have Bri as my soon to be wife. I loved this girl and I would and will do anything to protect her.


Well... Bri is soon to be Mrs. Styles! What do you guys think of this chapter.. what do you think will happen next?


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brispiin* 7 years ago
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ok in LOVE with this story.. <3
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