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Deadly Games ~Chapter Fourteen~ “I think I’m going

Deadly Games
~Chapter Fourteen~
“I think I’m going to go to college for Literature,” David told me as he organized the files in the cabinet behind the counter as I stood, listening.
I don’t know if he realized this, but the shirt that David had on today was an emerald green shirt with his sleeves messily rolled up so he could work, and the color made his eyes ten times more intense. His jeans were dark wash and ripped from working outside in the summer. His hair was swept to the side in a messy, unintentional way. I’m sure he didn’t try to make his hair do that. He wasn’t like that.
“I really want to go to Emerson,” David said, reaching up to grab a folder on a shelf, his shirt lifting to reveal a glimpse of his sculpted stomach, forcing my heart to race.
“That’s cool,” I replied, absentmindedly, tugging on my sleeves, my wrist littered with bruises, an assortment of colors, from where Trey’s fingers had dug in ruthlessly.
“It’s really expensive, though,” David continued, his back to me. “Which is why I’m here. What’s my two favorite things, you ask?” David turned to me, looking for a response.
I giggled at his wide eyes.
“EHH,” he said, imitating a noise on a game show. “Wrong. Books and money. Working at a bookstore equals money and books.”
I smiled at him. “I see.”
“And you!” He lunged to me, grabbing my wrists, pulling them close to him. I yelped, freeing myself from his grip. I know he didn’t mean to, but he hurt me.
He raised his hands up, like he was about to be arrested. “You all right?”
I smiled weakly, realizing I had made it obvious.
“Did it… Did it happen again?” he asked, his face as serious as ever, his eyes boring into mine.
I shook my head, averting my eyes from his.
“Let me see.”
I didn’t protest, knowing he wouldn’t stop until I showed him. I reached out my arm, pulling up my sleeve.
With a gentle finger, he brushed over it slowly, sending shoots of pain through my arm.
“Oh, baby,” he whispered, sighing and staring at my bruises with a long face.
Ms. Mary shuffled into the room, holding an old book in her frail hands, and stopped short when she saw us. “Would you like to go on break, David-dear?” She asked.
David’s eyes never left my wrist.
I decided to answer for him. “Yes, thank you, Ms. Mary.”
“Not a problem, dear,” Ms. Mary nodded in a serious way.
As she walked past me, her eyes travelled to where David’s attention was focused. She stalled in front of us, her eyes travelling from the bruises to my face. Her eyes looked more tired and sad than I had seen in quite some time.
For the first time, her face was starting to show her actual age and all the sadness she held inside.
I tore my arms from him and held his hand in mine, leading him outside of the bookstore for our “break”.
We began to walk down the street, heading to the little coffee shop to get a Peppermint Mocha.
I hadn’t gotten one since Trey and I had first met.
Holding David’s hand in mine, I waltzed in, feeling a million times better just being with him.
As soon as my eyes had adjusted from the bright snow to the dim lighting of the coffee shop, my body went numb and fear took over my whole body. I shuddered as I found the angry eyes I had come to know too well.
“Well, well, well. Look who we have here.”

Shoutout to Christina and her dreams of going to Emerson one day.


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ok not cool, u gotta post the next chapter sooner, your gonna kill everybody on witty with all the suspense.
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Ooohh stuffs gona go down!
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OhMiGod O:
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Love love love it! I check witty daily for your update. You are truly amazing :)
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I got a shoutout? From the great Lizzie?
I feel honored x
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