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Scroll past if you don't want to see a girl pouring her heart

Scroll past if you don't want to see a girl

pouring her heart out.

I honestly don't know where to begin, everything is wrong.

Firstly how we're made to feel in a negative view
We get told we have to lose weight to be pretty but then we're told that we're perfect in every way... But then back to being skinny.
People are suffering from anorexia and people are trying to be anorexic. Yes, you read that right. It's called "Pro Anorexia". I went onto one of these websites a few years ago when I was going through a low point in my life and wanted to be skinny and when I got online it had lots of comments of girls saying "I starved myself today :D" That is sick but not as much as when I was on tumblr and someone blogged a picture saying "Eating isn't Chanel" Now that picture made me sick to my stomach. I messaged the girls saying how stupid it was, telling her how fragile the world is and how she could have made a girl starve today.
And talking about weight.. I think it's stupid how being a little over weight is a problem for vanity. I personally think that a bigger girl is more attractive.

You are beautiful, I know you are.

I hate how it's wrong to be an individual nowadays. We're made to conform and be like everyone else. Well you know what? NO. I will not be like everyone else, I do not want to look the same and I will not EVER judge someone because they're different. 
In 1985 an influential film called 'The Breakfast Club' was made in America where the outcast was changed dramatically into the complete opposite as she looked, this film had most of the others changing to fit in with everyone else.
Now if you look in 2007 a film called 'Juno' was made. This had the main character being different and enjoying the fact she's an individual.
This is suggesting that people are realising the fact that being an individual is better.. however not everyone knows it.
I love the fact that people are different, weird and awkward. It makes us human. If you want to laugh until your stomach hurts at the most simple things then you go do it. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it.

I hate how people think that having disabilities makes the person avoidable.
I suffer from Autism, ADHD, Cerebal Palsy and other things.. I act differently because unfortunatly that's what my disabilities make me do.
But it doesn't mean I don't feel hurt from the comments people say. I'm human.

I suffer from depression too, people seem to think that it's just feeling sad for a few days. No, you do not understand at all. 
It affects people in different ways but for me; 
Sometimes I can't talk, I can be in a conversation and although I could be able to talk... I just can't. Sometimes I don't have the energy to do the simplist tasks like shower or brush my teeth. 
Right now, I feel suicidle everyday and I don't see a future for me.
I can smile and laugh but there's always something which makes me feel bad in the back of my head.
So please, never think just because you're unhappy for an hour.. that you have depression.. you have no idea what it's like.

I hate how homosxxuality (had to spell it differently so people won't abuse this quote) is hated on for some people but I honestly respect your descision.
I'm interested in girls and guys. But that doesn't mean I should lose my human rights. It's called Human rights for a reason.
If you don't think that gay people should get married then fine, that's your opinion. But just don't push it in my face and I won't push my opninion in your face too.

Which brings me to my final point on religion.
People get abused just for believing in their religion or just for not having one at all.
I am agnostic which means I don't know if I believe in God or not.
I don't care what religion you have or if you have one at all.
I don't care what sxxuality you have.
I don't care how much you weigh.
I don't care how you look.

If you respect me then I will respect you.


*compassionate soul* 9 years ago
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I loooovvee this<3 it could not be more true, and it's definitely inspirational
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LauzHeys 9 years ago
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Thank you! That means so much to me <3
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TheWeirdKid 9 years ago
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Omfg I love this so much<3
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LauzHeys 9 years ago
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Thank you so much <3
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