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Chocolate myths 1. Chocolate causes pimples. False. In fact,

Chocolate myths

1. Chocolate causes pimples. False.

In fact, it is the milk in chocolate that can contribute to pimples. Real chocolate, which is bitter, contains antioxidants which actually help your skin look better.

2. Chocolate causes cavities. False.

Cocoa butter in chocoalate coats teeth, lowering the likelihood of teeth decay. While it is high in sugar, chocolate melts in your mouth quickly, reducing the amount of time that bacteria can attack your teeth and cause cavities.

3. Chocolate is high in caffeine. False.

The amount fo caffeine in an ounce of chocolate contains 6mg of caffeine, whereas an average cup of coffee contains 130-150mg.

4. Chocolate causes heart disease. False.

Real chocolate can help prevent heart problems as cocoa butter reduces cholesterol. It also contains vital minerals and vitamins such as iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium, which contribute to general well-being.

5. Chocolate causes cancer. False.

Dark chocolate is a great source of antioxidants that protect you from toxic elements in the environment, for example cigarette smoke. In addition, dark chocolate has four times the amount of anti oxidants as green tea: 100ml of green tea contains 13.9mg of catechins, (anti oxidants that fight cancer), but 100g of chocolate has 35.5mg.

Dark chocolate is good for you, and consuming small amounts daily is beneficial to your health.

Also, white chocolate is not chocolate.


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