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trouble Chapter 44 Three Months Later "Are you ready?"


Chapter 44

Three Months Later
"Are you ready?" I asked Scarlet, as my phone lit up for the seventh time within the past ten minutes. A small smile lit across my face when I saw that it was only Travis, asking why Scarlet and I were so late to our double date.  "I think Darren and Travis are getting impatient."
Darren was new to our school, and he just came six months into Scarlet's pregnancy.
Although everyone warned him to stay away from her, he couldn't help but find interest in her.
They've been dating for two months now, and he doesn't mind that Scarlet's carrying a baby that wasn't his.
In fact, he supported her.
Scarlet rolled her eyes, before spritzing some hairspray into her blonde curls. "Tell them that I'm nine months pregnant, and I could be late if I want to."
I laughed, before jabbing away at my phone. "You do realize that we're half and hour late, right?"
Scarlet snorted, before finally setting her can of hairspray back on her vanity. "Hey, if I'm going to be this fat for a date, at least let me look decent."
I would've been lying if I said that Scarlet didn't look huge.
Her stomach was bulging out of her maternity blouse, and she had gained a few extra pounds from all of her pregnancy cravings throughout the past nine months.
But, she didn't look bad.
She looked healthy.
Suddenly, I noticed a puddle by her leg, as I frowned. "Scar, you didn't spill any hairspray, did you?"
Scarlet raised an eyebrow, shaking her head. "No, of course not. What kind of question is that?"
My eyes widened, as my lips suddenly parted.
The puddle that was running down Scarlet's leg became increasingly big, as I began to panic.
"Oh my gosh, Scar." I breathed. "Y-Your water broke!"
Scarlet's eyes widened, as she stared below her feet.
She let out a gasp, as her face suddenly flushed. "No!" she shrieked. "This can't be happening! I'm not due for another two weeks!"
I ran a hand through my hair, not caring how many hours it took for me to curl it.
My hands fumbled through Scarlet's purse, as I fished out her keys.
"We've got to get you to the hospital, right now." I quickly slurred, sounding incoherent.
I hurried Scarlet down the stairs, as she suddenly let out a wince of pain.
"It's hurting!" she snapped at me, suddenly fuming. "Why is it hurting so much?!"
"Deep breaths." I ordered Scarlet, as she began to pant.
I buckled her into the backseat, as I started up the car.
I quickly dialed Travis' number, as he picked up on the first ring.
"Riley?" he sounded angry. "You and Scarlet are thirty minutes late. Where the-"
"No time, Travis." I cut him off, as I sped down the street. "You and Darren need to get to St. Marks hospital, right now."
Travis muttered something to Darren, before he cleared his throat. "Did Scarlet-?"
"Yes." I quickly said, before pulling in the parking lot. "I need to go now, okay? Come quick."
I hung up on Travis, turning to face Scarlet, who's face was scrunched in pain.
"Get this baby out of me!" she screamed, as I led her into the hospital.
"Scarlet, hush." I tried to soothe her, as a nurse came rushing towards us. "Her water broke. She's screaming and telling me she's in pain and I just don't know what to-"
The nurse placed a hand on my shoulder, as she set Scarlet down in a wheelchair.
"We've got your sister covered." the nurse smiled softly. "Don't worry."
My shoulders relaxed, as I nodded weakly.
They had Scarlet under control.
My best friend, no, sister, was giving birth any minute now.



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PLEASE Say No And Post Another Chapter c; ?
Please? ... For My Birthday... /.\
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