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Deadly Games ~Chapter Eighteen~ “I had a baby girl, you

Deadly Games
~Chapter Eighteen~
“I had a baby girl, you know.” Ms. Mary said, her eyes smiling with pride.
“You did?” I asked. I had assumed she had just had a birth-complication. “Oh yes,” Ms. Mary replied, her voice far off. “She was so beautiful. Clear, light blue eyes with thick black lashes, wavy blond locks, and small pouty lips. I named her Serena, after Kenny’s great grandmother. He was so proud of me for naming our daughter after her.”
I looked to the side of Ms. Mary, at an old, yellowed photograph of a beautiful young girl that had been around forever. I had just assumed that it was a sample photograph of no importance. I never would have guessed that it was her daughter.
“Actually, she looked just like you,” Ms. Mary smiled slightly, her eyes beginning to sadden again.
“Looked? What happened to her?” I asked quietly, the curiosity taking control of my better judgment.
Ms. Mary smiled sadly, her eyes clouding over once again. “I had a feeling you were going to ask that. Well, one night, Kenny came home around dinner time, Serena was two now, and he had been out drinking all day. Except this time, he didn’t go out with his friends. He drank alone, which is always a very bad thing to do. He came home at about six, I was almost finished and Serena was playing with her dolls spread out on the kitchen floor. Without warning, Kenny tore into the kitchen, his eyes bloodshot and his posture slumped. He began to stumble towards us. He stepped on one of her dolls. That’s all it took. All it took to set him off.”
Her voice was shaky; I began to put the pieces together.
“I couldn’t grab her fast enough. I couldn’t bring her away from him.” Her eyes began to tear up. “He lifted her by the blond hair on her little head. I can still remember the ripping noise as the hair was ripped from her head.”
My hand involuntarily went to my own blond hair.
“She fell to the floor, an entire handful of blond waves trapped in Kenny’s strong hand. This seem to anger him. The fact that she got away from him.”
My breath began to shorten.
“I lunged for her. I swear I did. I tried to save her. I didn’t care what would come of me, she was all I cared about. He was too quick.”
I knew how the story was going to end.
“His big, steel-toed boot raised just above her precious blue eyes. I think she knew too. There was a sense of acceptance in her being. She understood Daddy was mad and she understood she was going to suffer for it, as she had time and time before. And what was most disturbing is she was okay with it all. But I think she also knew this time was different. This time she wasn’t going to wake up in my bruised arms, cuddling the pain away from her small body. This time she was going away for good. This time she would be safe and away from Daddy.”
I felt tears sliding down my face.
Ms. Mary was distant now. I don’t believe she remembered I was there. “I will never forget that sound. His strength was astonishing. He was so angry, he could crush anything he wanted, and easily killed his small daughter.”
“To be quite honest, I’m not sure what happened to me after that. I know he hurt me worse than ever but my body and mind was numb. In the morning, I had to clean up. I had to bury my little girl in the backyard so no one would find out. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do, Della.”
I was silently sobbing at this point, as Ms. Mary’s sad eyes turned to me. She let me cry for a moment, her face showing no emotion.
“You know, deary, I think that’s why I feel so attached to you. I think you’re what she would have been like with a different home life.” She smiled out at the rain. “I think she brought you to me that fine summer day.”
I should have listened to the voice inside my head, I said to myself as I finished the flashback of Ms. Mary.
But I was quickly brought back to reality with a deafening pop ringing out towards mine and David’s bodies standing, unprotected, on the dark sidewalk.



MEEman 8 years ago
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sorry but if she was two when she died, was the picture of a two year old girl? i was assuming it was her in her teen years
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thesweetestmoments 8 years ago
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I never said it was a girl in her teens. I said it was a "young girl", hence, a two year old.
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MEEman 8 years ago
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Pesadilla 8 years ago
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