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a kid commited suicide A boy in my town commited suicide. I never

a kid commited suicide
A boy in my town commited suicide. I never knew him because he's a freshman, and I'm a senior. I saw him in the halls, though. He looked so normal, but I guess he was faking a smile. I don't know really who he was, but I feel his pain. I understand him, even though he is dead. I think it's so typical how people are saying, "He was such a great boy."  I hate this world. Why didn't someone take notice before hand. I know people will think why didn't you. Well, I didn't know him. I can't know everyone. I don't know his story. I don't know anything.  But what I do know is he could have gone to do great things. Firefighter? Cop? Dad? He could have been great, but now he has no oppurtunity.  R.I.P. MS


InOneMoment 8 years ago
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but she obviously didn't know who he was until after he died... and god if some random senior came up to me and started talking to me I'd probably run away. and that is so sad.
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factsandstuff 8 years ago
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aw :( And I dont mean to sound rude or anything but you could have atleast spoken to him.
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jariley* 8 years ago
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I didn't know him. He's three years younger, it'd be hard.
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