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What people think about people with mental disorders Bipolar:

What people think about people with mental disorders
Bipolar: You’re moody
Anxiety: You’re nervous all the time
Psychosis: You see/hear things? You’re crazy
Paranoia: You don’t trust anyone
Anorexic: You don’t look like it
Depression: You’re sad all the time
Schizophrenic: You’re crazy
Bulimic: Why aren’t you skinny then?
All of the above: Snap out of it!
Cancer: Oh, bless your poor soul. Such a sad thing to be cursed with this.
People, this is just as serious as cancer or a physical problem. You don’t tell people with heart problems to “snap out of it.” Its not for attention. Its not our faults we have these problems. Stop making assumptions. Geez, if you’re gonna comment on this you should really do some research or something. These things are all because of CHEMICAL IMBALANCES!


ncisrox13 6 years ago
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I actually did a science report on Schizophrenia for this reason. People just don't understand.
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[deleted] 6 years ago
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thank you, oh my god.
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