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So, Today is February 1st, and I'm considering today the

So, Today is February 1st, and I'm considering today the day that I completely start over.

I'm gonna have higher standards, closer friendships, and spend less time on the internet, and hang out with my friends much more often.

I'm gonna get my head out of the past and start a brand new future. 

No more cutting, no more dwelling about my dad.

It's gonna be a new me. I'm gonna lose weight and always try and have a real smile on my face.

Yes, I'll have my bad days, but everyone has those. I'm gonna get through them though.

No more thinking about my suicide attempts.

So, here we go witty, this is gonna be a brand new me!

Anyone can join me if they want, I want someone to get through this with :)

Love you all, Beautifuls <3


*Death* 7 years ago
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I know I don't know you, but I wish you luck!
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lexybaybay741 7 years ago
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thank you :)
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