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Battle Scars Chapter 17 Ruby’s P.O.V. I just remembered

Battle Scars
Chapter 17
Ruby’s P.O.V.

I just remembered how much I hate international flights. You spend about five or six hours on a plane, bored, and surviving ONLY on lollies. Then you’re off the plane, and you think you’re off the hook, you have to go through customs. Ugh. I could use a Pineapple Lump by now. Or some L&P. Or just something Kiwi.
They should invent a Pavlova lollie….
The Mini-Pav.
I kept myself entertained for ten minutes, simply by keeping a malteser on my tounge, un chewed, for ten minutes.
Not bad! And when we finally land in Bournemouth, England, we get off the plane to a warm welcome of airport-goers. We signed roughly 200 autographs and my fingers got tired, so we got in the cab.
England is HEAPS different from New Zealand. And from the USA.
“Where to?” asks the driver.
“Corpthorne Hotel.” I say in my kiwi accent.
“That’ll be 8.70 £.”
I shell out.
“Thank you.” He grunts.
“Wonder what your first concert’ll be like! We’ll problably have our makeup done by a professional.”
“And we get to see the soundcheck!”
“Hold on. Text from Liam.”
“Hello lovelies. You need to be at the concert hall at 5.PM, BTW. Well, If you want to see the soundcheck, that is.” It reads.
Holy shoot! That’s in an hour!
“You have Liam’s phone number?”
“Wow! You got game!”
“No, not like that. For communication purposes. Plus, he’s with Danielle.”
“Yeah, Right.”
And at that exact moment, we pulled up at the hotel.
It looked great.
We checked in.
“Room 963, it’s on floor 14.”
Well, spectacular view, nice beds. OOOOH, COMPIMENTARY CHOCOLATES! And they’re peppermint, too!
“Now, we have to change. We need to be there in ½ an hour – and the drive takes about five minutes according to Google.”
“Holy Halo! Okay, umm, what to wear, what to wear…” mutters Alaska
So I change into my fave pair of denim shorts, one that fades from white to blue, and a white shirt with ‘Secret Destiny’ on it, and also a fluro yellow deinim jacket, like the one I wore in the video.
She changes into some leather boots, some sparkling black denim shorts, and a basic white tee.
“Let’s go!”
So, we get in another cab, and drive.

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