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One Direction♥ Memories. You say you'll always remember,

One Direction


You say you'll always remember, 

That you'll always have the time,

You're never going to forget them,

They're always on your mind,

But time never stops moving,

And posters start to fade,

Someday you'll just have memories,

Of this fandom that we made,

And then a day in many years time,

When the memories are almost gone,

You'll turn up your radio,

And you'll hear your favourite song,

That song will spark a memory,

That memory will flood your mind,

Because even though your older,

You never left them begind,

You'll remember all those moments,

When only they could make you smile,

The love you had for those 
5 boys,

Was more than worth your while,

So make the most of the time you have,

As the memories are still strong,

Becasue one day you'll wake up to find ,

That these memories are now gone.


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kassrocks 9 years ago
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i will remember them because i have the doll, clock, head phones, posters and neclace
the hole time i rote this my cat was atacking my screen
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