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*In English talking about chivalry* Teacher: Most people would

*In English talking about chivalry*

Most people would say chivalry is dead
Kid: What is chivalry?
Teacher: Like opening a door for a lady, pulling her chair out for her, walking on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street
Kid: Why would you walk on the side closest to the street?
Teacher: In case a car comes, it hits you instead of her
Kid: Why would you do that?! Are you crazy?! Just push her in front of the car and save yourself. Every man for themself!
Teacher: And that's why you don't have a girlfriend
Everyone: *Dies of laughter*


Rach_K 7 years ago
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Hahahahahahaha XD Every man for themselves! Jeez, I can imagin that ^^
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xXHelloFasinationXx 7 years ago
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Okay not even kidding, in my English class(not today) it was awhile ago because we had chivalry as a vocab word.. we had almost an identical conversation, not the ending part, but the whole beginning of this quote I was thinking "Oh my god.. I think I just found one of my classmates on witty!!" it's weird though, because I could see my English teacher having a come back like that too.. haha odd.. Anyways,
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