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Battle Scars Chapter 18 Alaska’s P.O.V. We get out at the

Battle Scars
Chapter 18
Alaska’s P.O.V.

We get out at the venue. Big place, could seat around 3,000 people. We walk into the door labelled ‘Backstage’. I open the door. I find a hall, with individual dressing rooms for each of the lads, and then I spot our two dressing rooms. We take a look in them. There’s two bags with a label, which say ‘Do Not Open – Dress And Shoes.”
So we walk out of our dressing rooms, since we could’nt see our dresses and shoes, so we wander along, into sidestage, to find Harry.
“Hey!” I say, walking along.
He turns around.
“Hey! The soundcheck’s about to start, if you want to see it.”
“Of course we do!”
“Well then, get in your seats.”
So we sit in two seats, right at the centre of the front row. It’s now 5:15, and I notice that there’s a group of thirty fangirls coming in – they must have won a competition at a radio station or something to see the soundcheck. So there’s a lot of screaming going on, and we’re staring at them, and then one of them, she appeared to be 19, pointed us out. We wave at them. And then they come charging down to the front to meet us.
We’re bomabarded with a sea of introductions and questions.
“Woah! One at a time, girls.”
The one who pointed us out goes first.
“Hi, I’m Bailey. I watched your video a thousand times, and I absolutely love you guys and One Direction.”
“Hi, Bailey!” we say simuletaneously. “Thank you for watching the video, without each and every single one of those views we would’nt be here today!” I say.
“Can I tell you something?”
“Sure, anything!” says Rubes.
“I’m about to start chemo next week… and two of the things of my bucket list are to see you guys and One Direction in person. Since a concert is the closest thing I’ll ever get to meeting One Direction, that’s why I’m here. It’s an added bonus that you just happen to be right here, and I actually get to talk to you. ”
By now, I had tears in my eyes. And after my high school career of being popular and tough-as-nails, hardly anything made me cry.
Rubes appeared to be tougher than me, though. She appeared to be as normal, listening patiently.
“Would you like to hear us sing?” she offers. “Just the chorus of Kiss You though, because if I know anything about concerts, it’s that the soundcheck will indeed be starting soon.”
“Yes!” she says, excitement flushing through her face.
And we sing! She ends up smiling ear to ear, by the end of the chorus. Good timing on our part, because as soon as we finish, the track to C’mon C’mon started.
“Thank you.” She whispers.
“You’re very welcome sweetie.”
The soundcheck was VERY entertaining.
And then the techies call us backstage for makeup and dress.
But not before I give Bailey a backstage pass.

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