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The Letter. THE CHANGE. The Lie. Chapter 52: *katia's POV*

The Letter. THE CHANGE.  The Lie.

Chapter 52
*katia's POV*

 The next morning Louis took me back to Harry's where I went to bed after throwing a load of laundry in the washing machine. I didn't have any dreams, I don't think I was asleep enough for that. I woke up around 1 and switched the laundry. I was putting clothes away when Harry called me. 
We talked for a while about what I was going to do over the next couple days, and I agreed that Harry could tell Louis what happened as long as he kept out the part of the dream with Lou. Harry agreed and told me he would be back in a couple days. I told him not to rush and after a little bit more talking we hung up. 
I finished putting my clothes away before calling Mia. She didn't answer so I left her a voice mall tell her we needed to talk. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to stay busy by cleaning everything and cooking. I showered twice just because I was running out of things to do. Louis didn't text or call me all day, I think its because Harry told him about my dream but I wouldn't ever ask. I went to bed early that night, ready for a new day.
*Louis's POV*
"She dreamed I did that?" I questioned Harry. He had just gotten done telling me what happened to Katia, and I couldn't believe it.
"She didn't want me to tell you, but I thought you should know," he said. 
"Is she okay?" I asked him.
"She seems fine. A little scared but I don't blame her." I didn't either. 
"Thanks for telling me," I said running my hand through my hair.
"Yeah, talk to you later."
"Kay bye." I hung up. I held my phone in my hand, flipping and twirling it around. I couldn't believe Katia dreamed that I had hurt her, that I had turned into Zach. But what hurt was that she believed I would of actually of done that for a moment.
*Couple Nights Later*
*Harry's POV*
I was sitting at the counter eating a pasta salad Katia had made while I was gone. She was telling me what she had been doing over the last few days. The day after I told Lou what had happened they hung out, so at least she can be around him. I think she is still afraid that what she dreamed would come true. I don't think she believes he would do that, but I think she is afraid that he would, he would change and do that too her.
"So are you and Lou okay?" I asked as if they had had a fight, if only it were that simple.
"Yeah, I talked to Mia the other day and after talking to her I felt a lot better. Not that talking to you wasn't helpful," she added quickly.
"I'm just glad you guys are okay," I told her. She nodded and then started to space out. She did that a lot. "So when are Mia and Nialler getting back?" 
"Tomorrow I think," she said. "I was hoping we could all get together since the last time we were together it sort of ended badly."
We both thought to how she and her parents got in a massive fight. I nodded and told that was a good idea. After putting my dishes in the sink I told her I was going to bed and that I'd see her in the morning, leaving her to watching something on the telly.
I went to sleep that night wondering if Katia will ever feel completely safe again.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys. Sorry, this is kind of a sucky chapter to post after not posting for so long but I needed it as a filler. So the next couple chapters are going to start skipping around in time a little bit but I'm going to start adding dates to chapters I can so that should help. Thank you so much for reading! Love you all!

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