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Battle Scars Chapter 19 Ruby’s P.O.V. “And this is

Battle Scars
Chapter 19
Ruby’s P.O.V.

“And this is our makeup artist, Britanny.” Says the Top Techie, Freddy, on our little tour of where to go and who we need to know.
“Hello girls!” says Britanny.
“And, that’s all. You may go look at –and put on - your dresses, then come back and get your makeup done. About ten minutes after your makeup and hair is done, you will need to go on stage.”
“Yes, Freddy.”
“Good luck!”
And then he runs away, he has lots to do.
And we run to our dressing rooms, and open our bags.
They’re absolutely gorgeous, they’re white, and flowy, and oh my gosh, these ballet flats are awesome too! We put them on,  and we look INCREDIBLE. I race back to Britanny, to get my hair done.
‘Hi, Ruby.’
‘Tell me, what’s it like in New Zealand? I’ve been meaning to go there, but never have got round to it.’
‘Well, it’s incredible. It has cute as native species, it’s got the best scenery ever, and we have THE best icecream anywhere – Kapiti. We have a easy-going attitude – We call it ‘She’ll be right.’ And we have odd-sounding words like ‘Munted’ – it means broken, and we are home to the ‘Nek Minnit’ video, the fifth largest city in the world, Dunedin, Pinapple Lumps, and the electric fence. NZ is also the queen of the beach.’
By the time I finished that, Britanny had already done my hair in the best fishtail plait ever.
And now she’s started on my makeup.
‘Sounds awesome!’
‘It is awesome. It’s like, the opposite of British weather.’
‘And that tops them all.’ She says, while applying my lip gloss.
‘If I had gotten the gig for doing makeup for the lads on the UAN tour, I would have been to New Zealand. But somebody else got the gig. They did’nt do it this time because they could’nt handle the stress.’
And by this time she’s placing the finishing touch: Mascara.
She’s fast.
‘I’m just a bit worried. Will that crowd hate me? Will they throw rotten tomatoes?’
‘No, they won’t throw fruit at you. Remember, the same amount of people who hate you, will love you – if not more.’
And now I’m out the chair, sitting in the wings. I take a sneak peek out the side.
Full house.
The Dresses: (by the way, the model is not in any way related to the story.)

Author's note: SORRY READERS FOR LONG GAP BETWEEN CHAPTERS! Broadband ran out - it was hell. Anyways, hope you like!

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