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Battle Scars Chapter 20 Alaska’s P.O.V. 30 MINUTES LATER

Battle Scars
Chapter 20
Alaska’s P.O.V.

Full house.
Well, they are here to see One Direction, so…
Not really surprised.
And then, Liam, first out of makeup for the boys, and in the wings, says:
‘Ready for your first concert?’
‘I am now, thanks to the advice Britanny gave me.’ Says Rubes.
‘What did she tell you?’
‘The same amount of people who hate you will love you  - If not more.’
‘I can safely say that’s true.’
Freddy pops by.
‘Alaska, get to your side of the stage. We’re all go in one minute.’
Oh, yeah. We’re entering from opposite sides. I run for my life.
The backing track for Oath by Cher Lloyd starts. I walk on, and start the song.
Ruby then enters, on the line ‘Laughing so danm hard’
Liam’s P.O.V.
Well, I did’nt expect this song out of them, but they’re pulling it off. After the chorus, it’s Ruby’s turn to sing solo.
‘I know I drive you crazy –hm, sometimes. I know I call you lazy – and that’s most times.’
There’s something special about Ruby – but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
‘But you complete me – and that’s no lie’
I’ve almost got it…
‘You are my tuxedo – and I’m your bowtie’
The last time i felt this way was when i met Danielle. I don't feel that way about her now - she's so protective.
So I text her.
‘Dannielle – I’m afraid I have to leave you. Do not reply to this text to protest, just accept the inevitable. I’ve found someone else.’
And now, I tweet our breakup to the world. Because I don’t want people to think we’re together when we’re not.
And by this time, Oath is finished. So now I’m free to watch Ruby – my future Girlfriend. Well, as soon as this concert’s over she will be mine. I know this; she did admit on Ellen that she had it in for me.

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