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If you see this, you're beautiful. <3 format by: OhHoePlease

If you see this, you're beautiful. <3 format by: OhHoePlease

Never say these things to someone dealing with one of these:
Anxiety: Just calm down, everything will be fine.  Stop freaking out all the time.
Depression: Stop being sad all the time. People out there have it worse off than you. Cheer up nothing is wrong.
S/xual Orientation: It's just a phase.
Bipolar: It's just mood swings. Everyone has them.
Self Harm: Stop seeking attention. Stop trying to kill yourself.
Eating Disorders: Just eat. Stop being so picky.
Abuse: Report who hurt you.
Suicide: Stop being so cowardly.
Sexual Assault: You shouldn't have dressed like that. We were drunk, but you still said yes. You never outright said no.
Multiple Personality Disorder: You are making it up. There is no such thing. They are just your imaginary friends.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: It happened in the past, stop obsessing over it. Get over it.
Schizophrenia: It's in your head. Stop trying to use voices as an excuse to not do something. You don't actually see them, you just want attention.



ncisrox13 1 decade ago
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I love this quote! For my science class we had to do a huge report on any disease or disorder and I picked schizophrenia because I was sick of everyone acting like they knew what it was. I was tired of the jokes and ignorant people saying dumb things. Sadly, I'd heard a lot of insulting things said about schizophrenia. Sorry for boring you with all that...
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.* 1 decade ago
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Thank you. I have anxiety and i can't stop ''Freaking out'' , as many people put it.
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MaxEatsCrayons 1 decade ago
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I'm a schizophrenic, and I get told "everything's fine, it's all in your head, lol." like all the time and it's just so annoying how people can pretend to know what's best for you when they don't even know how it feels.
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wordynerdy 1 decade ago
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i agree with all of these except for abuse because though that's not the first thing you want to say you also do want to help them and report the person.
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