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Battle Scars Chapter 21 Alaska’s P.O.V. And now it’s

Battle Scars
Chapter 21
Alaska’s P.O.V.

And now it’s time for a little broadway classic.
All That Jazz.
I love this song. Rubes is playing piano for the start bit – my bit – and then the piano guy comes and takes her place when it’s her turn to sing and dance. If you’ve seen the Glee version (Ruby forced me to watch it when we were choosing songs – and I thought it was pretty cool) I’m Cassie and she’s Rachel. And we are duelling.
And with a quick glimpse to the side, I notice that the 1D boys are all ready to go.
In what seems like not much time at all, ATJ has finished, and now, it’s question time.
‘Hello London!’ says Ruby
‘We’re here to answer a couple of questions. I notice we’re answering one from Ophelia Chesaway in seat H48?’
Opehelia is jumping up and down, waving and screaming.
‘What was your question?’
‘Liam tweeted just before you finished Oath that he’s ditched Danielle – do you suppose it was for one of you two?’
‘He what?’ exclaims Ruby.
‘Well, it looks like Ruby’s got some game then. Barely even knows Liam Payne, and yet he’s fallen flat on his face for her.’
‘No no no, Liam barely knows me. I’m pretty sure it can’t be me. It could – but he could have any one of you beautiful girls out there.’
‘Phhht. Yeah, right. I have an AWESOME potential romance sensor – and it’s beeping nonstop, it’s telling me: ‘LIBY CRANE’S GOING TO FORM! LIBY CRANE’S GOING TO FORM!’’
“Well, it must be broken then. And that’s our only answer for the day!”
There’s a pause as the lights go down, we’re about to sing Born This Way. And like the Glee cast, we’ve made some shirts. So we chuck them overtop our dresses, and chuck on a jacket after that.
And then the backing track starts.
My shirt says: ‘DMT.’
Ruby’s shirt says: ‘Dixpraxic’
And the audience cheers when we take off our jackets – they’re probably happy to know we’ve got some stuff wrong with us too.
And then I spot Bailey.
Bailey’s smiling like a Cheshire cat with pride.
But I can only just tell.
And just like that: the last number is about to be preformed. This is the number we’re collaborating with 1D on.
Because it’s too hard to do with just two people.
Time Warp – from the rocky horror picture show.

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