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Is anyone else completely terrified by the concept that you

Is anyone else
completely terrified

by the concept that
you could, someday, meet someone
who actually genuinely wants to spend
the rest of their life in love
with you?



strong_forever29 1 decade ago
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Completly and utterly terrified out of my freaking mind!!!
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StreetDancer 1 decade ago
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or you couldn't o.o that's more terrifying
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kclove5 1 decade ago
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No, I'm actually quite amazed and fascinated by this. It would be a completely fulfilling feeling of having someone who is in woe over you and to hopefully have mutual feelings towards them. To have someone who would love to hear you blabber about your day and see the sparkle in your eye as you express your excitement over an event that occurred would be absolutely lovely. To feel like a required pleasure to someone. To feel immortal in their arms during your weakest times. Being in love is made out to be quite a beautiful and precious thing in my eyes and I would love to experience the true thing.
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