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Battle Scars Chapter 22 Ruby’s P.O.V. ‘And now it’s

Battle Scars
Chapter 22
Ruby’s P.O.V.

‘And now it’s time……’ I start
‘For a time warp.’ Finishes Alaska.
‘But to be warped, we need a couple of our friends. More specifically…. Five friends.’
A spotlight shines on Louis, who is standing centre stage.
The spotlight shines on Niall, standing to our left, right at the front.
Liam appears, opposite to Niall.
Zayn has a spotlight shined on him, standing about half-way between Niall and Louis
As soon as Harry’s spotlight is shined, the backing track starts.
And after Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Alaska and I drop to the floor, Louis starts for us.
Well, there’s an easier way to explain this. I’m Magenta, Alaska’s Columbia, Louis is RiffRaff, Niall is Brad, and the narrator guy is Liam. Zayn and Harry don’t get any solos, simply for effect.
After we drop to the floor again for the end of the song, we run off stage blowing kisses and saying ‘Thank You London!’ ect, ect.
We just preformed. It’s awesome, the adrenaline it gives you.
So we go back to our dressing rooms, the concert’s being streamed into them, so we can hear everything.
After C’mon C’mon they play Little Things.
Maybe I am beautiful.
No, I’m not. I’m a piece of poop.
But Liam’s voice is so convincing… I might just be.
So I text my sister.
Yeah, I have a sister.
Franchesca. She’s a reporter for London’s channel 5 news.
That’s why I haven’t mentioned her – she lives all the way out here.
‘Oi! Franchesca!’
‘yea ruby?’
‘Just finished the first concert!’
‘good 4 u.’
‘I was thinking… could I see you at some point tomorrow?’
‘sure, lil sis. come over at 12.’
‘Sweet as. Buh-Bye!’

Teaser: 'I knew you were stalking me. But following me to London? That's just creepy.'


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