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Did any of you know that Obama legalized Horse slaughter? Repost/fav/comment

Did any of you know that Obama legalized Horse slaughter? Repost/fav/comment on if you think its wrong or right.100% don't support it.


Peacock17* 9 years ago
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Witty isn't a place for politics. Plus, the president isn't the only one who comes up with laws. People have to okay it, and then the law is passed. So, yes, maybe it was his idea but it's not his fault to blame entirely.
And just because so many people disagree with this law doesn't mean it's going to be revoked. Who is going to take a bunch of 14 year old girls seriously? If you wanted people yo know about this, post it on a political website or Facebook, not here.
Let's not mention about if this law if federal or not?
Let's not post political stuff on witty, because it's gets people like me all upset and makes me post angry rants on your quotes.
So if people would stop posting all this political stuff, that'd be great.
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brittrox1234 9 years ago
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i dont know if you have notice but i never post political stuff. Sorry that you have different veiws aside of me. And i am not blaming him entirely, but he was the one that legalized it. btw i am not posting this one here but other places too. if you don't like what i post just ignore it. I didn't ask for you to rant on this quote, leave it be and carry on. don't waste time on this quote. Witty is a place to vent and I was extremely upset, so i vent. Understand? And yes i understand the whole how a bill gets passed. By the way, there are a bunch of people older and younger that are going against this. dont hate just because i was trying to spread the word. just wondering, Do you support it?
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