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It's happening all again Caleb called me while I was at

It's happening all again 

Caleb called me while I was at school today and told me that he felt like his heart was beating really fast and not normal like.. I told him to just lay back and relax and i'll finish this last hour and come home and if it's worse or hasn't gotten better, we'd go to the hospital. I got home about 20 minutes after I ended the phone call and Caleb was on the couch and breathing non-normal and he was saying he can barley catch his breath and that it hurts.. I helped him up and drove him to the hospital.
I've been sitting in the waiting room waiting for tests to come back.. About 2 hours of waiting, the doctor said he's having the same problem he was having before his heart transplant.. That his heart stops and he stops breathing and they revived him and got him back.. He has to stay in the hospital for the rest of the night and tomorrow they are running more tests.

I just don't get life sometimes.. Why does something like this have to happen to someone like Caleb.  I can't stand seeing my best friend in so much pain and constantly worrying.
Another sleepless night; here I come. 

Please keep Caleb in his prayers. We were so close to losing him last time, and I don't want to have a call come that close again.
I love you Caleb.

A lot of people are trusting you right now.
Please don't let us down.


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crazylifelover 7 years ago
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I am so sorry for you and I know thats probably not what you really want/need to hear to help comfort you but I really am..If you need anyone to vent/talk to, please do because i'm here for you. I can't exactly understand what you're going through but I know it can be tough. I'll keep him in my prayers:)
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