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I'm still here Chapter Three Present Time "I'm going

I'm still here
Chapter Three
Present Time

"I'm going to Angies, see you later!" I called out, but before I could shut the door, my dad grabbed my arm and pulled me back inside. "Ow, dad, what the heck." I rubbed my shoulder
and he paced back and forth. "You aren't going out."
"Yes. I am. What's wrong with you? I always go to Angies!" He shook his head.
And held up a little empty baggie. "Explain yourself."
My stomach dropped. "I didn't smoke that, dad."
He stuffed it into his pocket. "Oh really?" I nodded, "Really. I threw it out the window. I guess I didn't toss the bag. I promise you." I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I was such an easy cryer, god damnit. I cleared my throat, "I'm not lying. you know I wouldn't." He nodded after a minute.
"Fine. Go on, have fun. I better not find out you lied."
"Can you believe it? He seriously found the bag! Hah! Did you feed him a good lie?"
She chewed on her finger nail, waiting for my response. "I told the truth.." She laughed at me.
"You did? And he didn't flip? Haha!" I shrugged, "I didn't smoke it." She stopped laughing and chewing and gaped at me. "What. You threw out 30 dollars of weed? that I gave you as a present?"
I nodded slowly. "I didn't wanna try it."
She growled at me, "Well you should've given it back to me!" "I don't want you smoking that crud either."
She shook her head, "You're nuts. It's not bad for you."
"Yes. It is. Even if not the actual plant the smoke is. You're messing yourself over and you're 16! Grow up, Angie. There is more to life than drugs and alcohol, I don't want to lose you young."
She looked mad for a second, but then sighed, "Yeah yeah. Whatever. Come on, let's go to sleep."
I frowned at her, "Promise." "Promise? Promise what?" I threw a pillow at her, "That you'll stop drinking and smoking. Please?" She turned over on her side and flipped me off, "I'll take it as a yes then." "Oh fine." She mumbled into the pillow.
*Beep beep*
Her phone rang with a text, she sprang up and a smile spread across her face.
"You know that feeling you described to me?" I nodded slowly.
"Would you like to feel that again?" I nodded slower.
"Come on, put on some jeans and a sweatshirt. We're going out."
I looked at the clock just as there was a tap at Ang's window.
A pale face peeked in at us and I buttoned my black jeans and pulled on my Black Vans hoodie.
"Ready, Angie?" A male voice called into the room. She shut off the light and ushered me out her window first and then followed silently behind.
"Yup, Guys, meet Halley. Halley, meet the guys."


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