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Battle Scars Chapter 24 Alaska's P.O.V. 30 MINNIT LATER:

Battle Scars
Chapter 24
Alaska's P.O.V.

“Let me get my head around this. You’re dating… your high-school bully.”
“Because he stalks you…”
“You make it sound like it is bad!”
“It IS bad, Ruby!”
“Well, I suppose so. But I’m going to give him a trial.”
In the corner I notice Payne looking really really sad.
I was right.
Liby Crane is going to form.
Just as soon as I get Rad Cringram out the way.
“Just… don’t tell the public, okay?”
“Well, I suppose.”
I go over to Ruby and mine’s room and think of ways I can split them up.
Hey, don’t judge me. I don’t want Ruby feeling any worse than she already does.
Zayn’s P.O.V.
I haven’t talked to the girls that much, but they seem really nice. Wrapped up in talent.
Alaska’s in a constant sass battle with Louis. At some point or other Louis is going to challenge a duel, I reckon. Louis will win though – piece of pudding. And now it’s time for the fans to come in for the meet and greets. Liam staggers through the door just in time for the first three to come in.
It’s the general routine, they ask us questions, get our autograph, and  then ask… er…. Well, here’s an example.
“Can I lick you?”
It’s a little weird, but we politely decline.
And then a girl comes through the door with shimmering green eyes, and straight brown hair.
“Hi, I’m Bailey. Bailey Kates.”
I can see Louis’s eyes light up.
“Hey, Bailey. How are you?”
“Not good, I’m afraid. I’m about to start Chemo next week.”
“Oh. My. God.” He says.
Well…. Who can’t see where this is going.
If you can’t, it’s going in the directon of Bailou Katenson.

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