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Whatt if I ever do get a boyfriend? I wouldn't know what

Whatt if I ever do get a boyfriend?
I wouldn't know what to do
What do they eat?
How often do they need to be walked?



Serotonin 7 years ago
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Just give them anything with carbohydrates and fat (keep them hydrated as well, especially if they're a Boyfriendium gamerus, a species known for playing video games for long periods of time) and if they want to walk outside, they will do it themselves since they're often very determined creatures who want to prove their independence and strength pretty much all the time.
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secretgirlxo13 7 years ago
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This is perfect.

Just feed them some random poop and just sit them infront of a television with the remote. That will take them to places you'll never be able to take them.
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BravoSierra 7 years ago
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Omg this should be the very top quote today, this is hilarious!
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dani64 7 years ago
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haha thanks!
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SomeRandomDude 7 years ago
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well...about anything...and we prefer sitting actually :p
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