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Water Chapter One This story is set in the future I broke the


Chapter One
This story is set in the future
I broke the surface of the water evenly with my hands and I made nearly no sound as I whoosed into the lake. I flapped my arms to keep from floating up and kicked deeper in.
My clothes were sodden and heavy, and after a minute I had no choice but to come up for air.
I tugged the hood over my head and took a deep breath.
The air was calm and warm.
I swore at the thought of my long ride home.
The guy I'd been tailing looked suspiciously out his window once more and shut it tight.
I pulled the black mask over my face and felt the smart-plastic form around my face.
I tapped a button on my wrist sensor and thanked heavens again for the water proofness of my world. I swam slowly back to shore and it wasn't long before I heard the soft whistling of metal through air. Of course, only my ears would be able to detect it.
I reached my arm up and caught my board smack in the middle. I pulled myself up with one arm and swung into a perfect stance. I tried unsuccessfully to wring out my hoodie, and gave up with a snap of my fingers. I angled my board in the direction of home and sped off.
Mr. Grey would be proud, I'd gotten everything he'd asked for.
I blinked twice and gestured a finger, and my vision was obscured by every mental note i'd taken.
I winked and it was gone, I pushed my board harder, willing it to top speed.


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