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HOW DO THEY DO IT? Astronomers do IT in the dark Mathematicians

do IT in the dark
Mathematicians do IT in numbers
Biologists do IT in the field
Chemists do IT periodically on the table
Geologists do IT in folded beds
Palaeontologists do IT in the dirt
Computer scientists do IT bit by bit
Electrical engineers do IT until it hertz
Physicists do IT with force
When seismologists do IT, the Earth shakes
Zoologists do IT with animals
Quantum physicists do IT uncertainly
Polymer chemists do IT in chains
Cosmologists do IT with a bang
Theorists do IT on paper
Geneticists do IT in their genes
Statisticians do IT with 99% confidence
Planetary scientists do IT while gazing at Uranus
Philosophers only think about doing IT 

What is IT?
Why, science of course!
And shame on you if you thought otherwise.


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This is honestly perfection
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