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Battle Scars Chapter 26 Liam's P.O.V. Ruby… adopted?

Battle Scars
Chapter 26
Liam's P.O.V.

Ruby… adopted? And just now she finds out about this?
Well that’s a bit stressful!
“Ruby, I-“
“I’m going to my sister’s.”
“You have a sister?”
“Yeah. Franchesca Croft. Newsgirl…?”
“Oh, yeah! Franchesca!”
“I’m off.”
So she goes out the trailer.
“I’d just leave her be.” Says Alaska. “If she’s not back by 2:00, then we go look for her.”
Ruby’s P.O.V.

Walking to my sister’s, just around the block, I get an incoming call from Chad.
“Hey, baby.”
“Hey. Um, listen, I just found out-“
“I have BIG NEWS! I won the skateboarding tournament!”
“Um, that’s great, but-“
“I won it even though I almost fell off. I have heeeeeaps of Skill.”
“Chad! Listen!”
“Okay, babe, gotz to go.”
And just like that the phone call ended. He's just hyper about his win. He'll pay attention later.
So I walk down my sister’s cobblestone path, up to her brick house and marron door.
I ring the doorbell.
Is… is that my sister?
She’s pwetty!
“Ruby! Good to see you!”
“Yes, it is good to see you.”
“Oh ruby. There’s something wrong is’nt there?”
“Yes. I just found out I was adopted.”
“I found that out when I was your age. I know exactly how you feel.”
"So we're not related."
"We are - we were adopted from the same family."
At least there's some family here.
Incoming text from Liam,
I collapse on her shoulder, crying.
“And just when my career begins to take off.”

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