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Sometimes I might include strong content and language, like I

Sometimes I might include strong content and language, like I did in my last.
If you can't take it then, dont read?
Also these are written off the top of my head. So forgive me if I make a few mistakes.

Oh Cherie
Kiss or a killer
Chapter 3 - p1

"Just wait until we get home, Cherie," Mum shouted at me in the car.

"Mum, I'm sorry," I said, quietly.
"Sorry doesn't cut it!" she snapped.
Jake, wrapped her arms around me, letting me rest my head on her shoulder.
"Mum, she's tired, can we talk about it in the morning?" she said.
I was tired. It was almost midnight, we would be having the dance with our dates if the incident didn't happen.
"Jake, she humiliated me! She had sxx with her best friend's boyfriend, she made a whole scene tonight. Joe's close friends and relatives were there. My friend's were there. What will they think? She's 17 for god's sake! She shouldn't be doing stuff like that at her age! She now even has her sxx tape! God knows what that boy could do with it!"
"Calm down mum," Jake said as we pulled up in the driveway.
"Just wait," Mum began. "Wait until we get inside, she's going to be in for a hiding."
"Mum, don't," Jake said as she saw me, silently crying.
She pulled me out the car and gave me some support. I could hardly walk.
I was limping.
"Easy does it," Jake said.
It wasn't the same for my mum though, she pushed Jake away, causing me to fall on the ground.
"MUM!" Jake shouted as Mum was lifting her hand up to slap me.
"Unlock the door!" she demanded on Jake. Jake could see how angry she was and gave in.
Mum, dragged me by the arm inside the house, throwing me on the couch.
"Mum, stop please! I'm sorry, so sorry," I cried.
"You think, just because you started this thing, you can end it?" she said.
She turned to look to Jake. "Go to your room and go to bed."
Jake did as she said and gave me a little, sympathetic wave. She was almost in tears.
"Mum," I said.
She grabbed a belt from the closet and started to whip me.
"Mum!" I shouted.
She didn't stop and kept going. I could hardly breath. Never has my own mum beat me. She never did.
It was my first ever
She then, sunk to her knees and cried.
"Do you know what people are gonna think? What they're going to think of you?"
"It doen't m...atter," I hesitated to say.
"You played dirty, Cherie."
I nodded.
"Get n.aked."
What? Was this a punishment?
"If that's what you're interested in, then okay," she said.
She made me strip. It was cold in the living room.
I shivered. Jake could hear everything from upstairs.
"Get outside," she ordered.
"Like this?" I wimpered.
She forced me to go, she grabbed me by the neck and pushed me out into the back yard.
She then threw a blanket at me too.
She probably expected me to sleep there.
Every bit of the night sky showed signs of rain. A storm even. It wasn't long before it started.
Not long at all. I huddled in my blanket under the really thin shelter of our house.
I was more scared then ever out here.
"Cherie?" a voice called.
I searched around, moving my eyeballs to see a figure. As it came closer, I seeked recognisation.
"Is this your mother's idea of a punishment?" he laughed.
I cried. "It's not funny."
"So you love me huh?" he teased.
How dare he? I stood up, my blanket falling off, but I didn't care.
He looked down and grinned.
"May I just ask?" I began. "Why?"
"I was using you!" he laughed. "Like I'm using her. Don't you get it Cherie?"
"What the hell!" I screamed, almost slapping him. "I don't know what I saw in you, you're just another little sh-"
"I love you," he interrupted.
I looked up a him.
I couldn't belive my ears.
"After all of this, you can still make a joke out of it?"
"I'm not joking, Cherie," he said.
I looked away.
"I really am in love with you."
"I used to be, then I found out what you're really like," I said.
He quickly then snapped pictures of me, standing, without me knowing.
"I have to go," he said.
He tried kissing me but this time I gave him a little push. He laughed and forced a kiss which soon became making out.
I still couldn't contol myself around him.
He smiled and turned to leave.
I could see the sun rising, as I woke up.
I was wet, and gross.
I guess it rained again. I didn't care.
I couldn't stop thinking about Jason. Why was he in my back yard?
What exactly did he want from me?


"What exactly is it you want?" I asked.
"I want two things," he replied.
"What are they, go on,"
"Your help and," he began. ""
I shook my head.
"My help with what?" I asked, curiously.
"Your help to kill, Jolene."


WPiC123 6 years ago
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suspense and whoa her mom overreacted your an amzing writer cant wait for the next one
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TheJealousOne 6 years ago
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:) thanks,it will be out later this week, i dont really have time to write it :)
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WPiC123 6 years ago
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well ill be lookinfg gofrward to reading it
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TheJealousOne 6 years ago
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:) nice to know, means so much
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Christina* 6 years ago
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omg jason is getting on my nerves! somebody should slap the ish outa him....when are you gonna make another one!?!?!
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TheJealousOne 6 years ago
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haha :) I made one already, part 2
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Christina* 6 years ago
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thank you
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spence* 6 years ago
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TheJealousOne 6 years ago
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I've got time, so I'll do another cheeky chapter for you :)
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spence* 6 years ago
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TheJealousOne 6 years ago
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its okay :)
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