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Mama, Mama, I tried to run. I was out alone, but it was no longer

Mama, Mama, I tried to run.
I was out alone, but it was no longer fun.
I was out in the woods where I know I shouldn't be.
They came so fast, I had no time to flee.

Mama, Mama, they snuck up without a sound.
Their footsteps were but whispers on the ground.
Mama, Mama, they grabbed me tight.
I didn't even have time to put up a fight.

Mama, Mama, I tried so hard.
Mama, Mama, my soul is so scarred.
Mama, Mama, please come save me.
I fear I have very little time left to breathe.

Mama, Mama, they're moving so fast.
And I just know that I won't be the last.
They're going to kill me, Mama, don't you see?
These monsters you warned me about - they are now free.

Mama, Mama, they can't be real.
Nothing can cause the things that I feel.
I'm scared, Mama, I'm scared for my life.
It feels like I'm being stabbed by a cold, hard knife.

But they're not real, Mama, that I'm sure.
The truth of these creatures is just being obscured.
Mama, Mama, no one can ever run.
The demons will catch them, they're as sure as done.

The monsters are everywhere, they're impossible to kill.
They grind you down and steal your own free will.
I'm sorry, Mama, I really am.
But there's nothing to do; we've all been condemned.

Mama, Mama, it's a hopeless fight.
Just let your life slip away in a bright flash of light.
Mama, Mama, there's no hope of escape.
And no hero is coming with a big red cape.

I'm dead, Mama, don't you see?
They'll never go away; the demons are in me.

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