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The way someone can get me so nervous scares me, but the funny

The way someone can get me
so nervou
scares me,

but the funny thing is you know nothing
that’s going on inside my head.
It’s like I know everything I want to say to you
but all the words get tangled up and come out wrong.

Have you ever realized that you could say the simplest of things
and it would make my day go from being original
to amazing in just a few words?
But the worst thing is that all these little things I feel inside
could never be said to you,
because on top of it all,
you are my biggest fear.
I’m scared that if I tell you everything
things will change,

and will never be the same.
So keeping it bottled up
is the only way of not getting hurt.



lovemebitch 6 years ago
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no no no no! don't keep it inside!!! the only things you regret are the things you never do! you never know what could be if you never try. so theres this guy and i kind of like him, and he likes me but is "nervous" and scared to talk to me so he never does.... and he tells my friend how much he likes me, and i would totally give him a chance if he talked to me!!! just tell him, and if it works out- great, if not- theyll still be your friend if they mean that much to you. or you could just play it of like a joke if they don't respond like the way you want it to. what if they feel the same way about you? you'll never know if you dont say anything!

i know its not my place to b saying all this- but it frustrates me when people make the same mistakes i do
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Breeze 6 years ago
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Wow, Elena.
This is so true.
That's so me! (See what I did there? Hahaha.... I can't be the first though... :( Haha )
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wordynerdy 6 years ago
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This is exactly how I feel.
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