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What Type of Wittier Are You? Fancy Quote Maker [] You got a

What Type of Wittier Are You?

Fancy Quote Maker
[] You got a top quote within your first ten quotes on the site
[] You have pictures up of you and/or your friends on your page
[] The layout on your profile was made by you personally
[] You know how to make borders
[]You know how to do fades
[x] You rarely post surveys or quizzes
[]You have a Tumblr account you use regularly [at least once a week]
[] You have a picture as your profile default
[]You use Facebook regularly
[] You have a friend you met from another site or know in real life who has a witty
Total: 1

The Popular Wittier/One With All The Top Quotes and Followers:
[] You make fan art
[]] You have a layout website or account
[] You have an account for either secrets or surveys or something else
[x] You have at least 100 followers (On my old account I had over 300)
[] You've had more than 5 quotes on the Top Quotes list (On my old account)
[x]You are crushing on someone and make a lot of quotes about him
[] You have a picture on your profile of you doing something in the summer
[x] You have at least 1 witty hater
[x] You get at least 3 comments a day on your profile or usually do
[] You like Jersey Shore or Pretty Little Liars
Total: 4

The Average Wittier:
[x]This is your only account
[x] You browse the top quotes every day
[x] Every once in a while you click 'newest' to see what's up there
[] You have between 20-50 followers
[x] You post quotes a couple of times a week
[x] You don't have a picture up on your profile OR your picture is of something else other than you
[x]ou don't have a Tumblr
[x] You know a minimal amount of HTML
[x] You write a lot of quotes about things that happen in your life
[x]You have 1 or 2 people who post on your comments every few days or so
Total: 7

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