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tell her you admire her. always tell her you love her at all

tell her you admire her. 
always tell her you love her at all times.  when she's upset, hold her tight.  pick her over all the other girls you hang out with.  play with her hair.  pick her up and tickle her, wrestle with her.  heck, just talk to her!  tell her jokes.  bring her flowers...just because.  hold her hand and run.  or just hold her hand.  throw pebbles at her window at night.  let her fall asleep in your arms.  sing to her, no matter how awful you sound.  get her mad at you.  then kiss her.  give her piggy back rides.  push her on the swings.  tell her she looks beautiful.  when she's sad, stay on the phone with her, even if she's not saying anything.  look into her eyes and smile.  slow dance with her, even if there's no music. kiss her on the forehead. . 
+and when you fall in love with her.. tell her.


xX4eva_summaXx 1 decade ago
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yeah i saw it on photobucket + loooved it! (:(:
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uxnoxuxluvxme 1 decade ago
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ive seen this somewhere before and i loooove it i think this is exactly what every girl wants a guy to be like without the guy faking it cuz thats whats just the worst
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ravencapriejhonson 1 decade ago
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awww that is the kind of guy i whant but so does evry other chick in the world lol its really good
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