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I fell In love With Mickey Mouse (literally) Chapter 34 Redbull

I fell In love With Mickey Mouse (literally)

Chapter 34


I knew what he was doing. He was trying to get me to go after him. But no sir. Not today. Oh God is that a police officer? I thought as I snuck a closer look at the car. Oh God, oh god, oh god, oh god. I was running out of breath. He was going to get his self into some serious trouble. But, guess what? He didn't care, he walked up to that car like he owned the place and to make things worse, he didn't even look back to see what I was doing. Micheal looked into the officer's window. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Micheal! Get your butt back here!" I whisper yelled. 

"Boy don't act like you can't hear me!" I yelled again. Man, I felt like his mom. He took up his camera and aimed at the cop. I gasped

"Micheal don't you dare." I panicked. He laughed and gave me an evil smirk. I folded my arms and turned my head acting like I didn't care. He's just doing that to make you mad Ella, don't pay atiention to him. I told my self. But, just when he flashed the camera. I jerked around to see if the cop had waken up. I took a breath of relief when I found that he hadn't.. Micheal bit his tongue to quiet his adorable laughter. I rolled my eyes and pretended to be mad. This wasn't a wise choice, because he raised the camera again. 

"Micheal put that thing down!" I pointed. He put his hand under his ear acting like he couldn't hear me. Feeling very angry, I grabbed my dress and stomped towards him.

"Aw I knew you wouldn't let me get in trouble." He said as he pinched my cheek.

"Trouble? Oh you'll have a better idea what trouble is when I am through with you!" I said as I yanked his hand off my face. He hissed and licked his lips.

"Should I be afraid or excited?" He asked.

"Afraid, you should be very afraid." I angerly said. I gasped and subconsiously grabbed Micheal's hands. The cop had snored and I thought he had waken up. Feeling reileved that he didn't I looked at Micheal who was now hysterically laughing.

"Shut up, you'll wake him!" I urged. Micheal took a deep breath and smiled at me.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked.

"Like what?" He confuzingly asked.

"Like I am your favorite cartoon." I explained.

"I didn't think I was looking at you differently." He blushed. I giggled and the cop snored again. I gasped again. I think my pulse was around 120 now.

"Micheal could we get out of here?" I begged.

"Hold on I think I found some donuts in here." He said.

"What, this isn't the time for donuts!" I said.

"Oh my God they're powdered." Micheal gasped.

"Micheal we can get donuts somewhere else! Now lets go." I said tugging his arm.

"Not till we take some photos and eat donuts. Oh look there is a whole bunch of food back here.." He said as he examined the back seat.

"Micheal are you insane, what if he wakes up?" I asked.

"Then we'll have to make a run for it." He said.

"Can't we do something else?" I complained. He shook his head.

"We could've taken photos over there if somebody didn't complain." He sarcastically said.

"I'm not complaining, now lets go back." I tried.

"Are you kidding me? There is freaking junk food in this car." He said. 
"We could get junk food at Mcdonalds now lets go" I said.

"Ella, there is Pepsi in here! I am not leaving until I get it." He urged. Realizing Micheal wouldn't change his mind I gave up and prayed that the cop wouldn't wake up.

"Ella lift up your dress." He comanded.

"Excuse me" I gasped

"I need some where to put the food" He said. I laughed at my own stupidity and lifted up a part of my dress. He quietly took out some of the food and gently put them in the little basket I made out of my dress. A can of Redbull acidently slipped out of his hand and hit the ground.


Just an average kid* 6 years ago
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Please continue! I love this story! But you made me hungry! (not that that isn't normal).
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Christina* 6 years ago
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Aww thanks, :)
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WPiC123 6 years ago
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loved this chapter it was soo funny.... can't wait for the next one
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Christina* 6 years ago
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Aww thank you so much! it literally means the world when I see coments like this. You guys give me so much hope.
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