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ABC's about me A - Available? Not in my mind but technicallyy...

ABC's about me
A - Available? Not in my mind but technicallyy... yes

B - Bestfriend? Sara (Nate and Joe are close seconds)
C - Crushing on? Joe
D - Drink you last had? h20

E - Easiest person to talk to? Sara
F - Favorite song? Raise Your Glass by P!nk
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms? Gummy worms!!!

H - homework tonight? OUT OF SCHOOL
I - In love with? Joe
J - Jealous of? Beautiful people with millions of friends
K - Killed someone? umm..
L - Longest car ride? 2 days
M - Milkshake flavor? Coffee
N - Next place are you going? my cousins school play
O - One wish? To have him tell me he loves me
P - Person you texted last? Elyssa (doublesidedice) <3 xoxo
Q - Question you are always asked? "What's up?"
R - Reason to smile/laugh? It is a beautiful day
S - Song you last listened to? Fallen by Imagine Dragons
U - Underwear color? rainbow cheetah print

V - Violent moment you had recently? Attacking my brother when he came in my room.
W - Worst habit? Scratching. :( Biting my lip. Eating a lot.
X - X-rays you had? A lot but mostly my wrist 2 years ago and lots of Teeth-rays lol
Y - Yoyos are? Impossible
Z - Zodiac sign? Leo

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