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Chapter 17 I ran outside and went into the garage, full of old

Chapter 17
I ran outside and went into the garage, full of old tools and rubbish. Among it all was the rope Dad was going to use to make me a swing when I was younger, but after Mum died, he never got round to doing any of the jobs he'd planned to do.

I grabbed it and made it into a knot. I cleared off all of the junk that sat on the stool, and pulled it over to the centre of the garage. I tied the rope to a pole that stretched from one side of the garage ceiling to the other. I stood on the stool with tears in my eyes, and put the rope around my neck. This was the end.  

When I was a little girl I thougt I'd die of old age, with the man I loved next to me, but obviously I was wrong, and didn't see the future that actually awaited me. 

I took several deep breaths, and kicked away the stool from which I stood.

The rope strangled me. I tried to breath but it was no use, it was too late to go back now.
I heard my name being called by that voice I craved so much. It as Max.
"Max." I said quitely, my face going blue and my speech breathless.

He saw me, but it was too late.

"I love you." I whispered, before everything went dark.



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ahah awhhhhh *hands tissue* x
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