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Hidden Chapter One ♥ Avery ♥ I walked in school

Hidden Chapter One

♥ Avery ♥

I walked in school with my friends Calista,Jenelle, and Alyssa looking casual walking  to our other friend,April as everyone stared at us.Guys drooled and girls became green with jealous as I walked to my friend Kevin.

"Sup b****"Kevin said which was our way to talk to each other.

"Not much wh*re."I said as we started walking to our first class.I went to school at Rosewood Middle school but everyone calls it RMS.The catch is that I'm a FBI agent trained by the best FBI agent ever! Her name is Elli and Jenelle's her duaghter.

Period 1   Defense with Dark Magic   Mrs.Lynn
Period 2       Combating with Tools    Mr.Frilenn
        Period 3   Suriving the Wilderness   Mrs.Melindstone
Period 4 Math Miss Gomez
Period 5 Chemistry  Mr.Brewer
Period 6 Manipulating Orgins and More Mrs.Alezandria

I sighed again as Kevin noticed.

Kevin asked,"So you wanna ditch?"

"Want to? I've been thinking about that the day I was born."I added jokingly.

"Kay let's hang out and when the bell rings head towards the bathrooms."Kevin replied.

We stepped outside and decided to go to our secret hideout which included skateboard ramps and exclusive unlimited amount of money.For awhile the scenery was pleasent until we heard a gunshot in the air.

Kevin whispered to me,"Is it me or does the gunshot seem near us?"

"Near us? Dude f*****ing run it was right next to us almost."I said as we ran not knowing where the gunshots were coming from.Group of people came in shooting at us we managed to dodge them.

Kevin shouted,"Hey remember we have salsa at our hideout?"

I screamed back,"How's that suppose to help us!?"

"We can blind them."Kevin added a grin.

"Oh can I also get the water guns you stored?"I said.

"Only if you promise to get some nachos since these people are ready to be nachomen."Kevin joked as another bullet whizzed over our heads.Relaxing over summer had got a toll on me when I started panting.Sweat dripped off my face as my muscles protested from running but I had too.

Out of nowhere trees swayed and their branches tried grabbing us.A river was next to us and in slow motion it knocked us over.We spluttered and coughed up the water trying to get to the hideout.Why did we have to ditch today?Why did school even exist?Usually Kevin and I ditched every other day without anyone noticing me since we faked our excuse slips and hung out at our hideout.Kevin and I met in kindergarten when I tried ripping his hair since he wouldn't give me the crayons.

"You still owe me crayons buddy."I said to Kevin.

"That was not my fault! You loved me so much that you had to grab my hair."Kevin replied.

"Yeah yeah Mr.Prince here wants his own royal horse and a castle."I joked.

Kevin bursted out laughing as the hideout became more noticeable."Avery we're crazy aren't we?"

"Yup our lives are at stake but we're joking  around about Kindergarten."I added.

We entered the hideout and started throwing salsa at the people who blinked then faded.One by one they disappeared but the gunshots rang out loud and clear.Another person stepped out the shadows and took their glasses off.They took their black hoodie off and I saw Elli.

"Omg Elli there was this gunshot and-"I was cut off.

She smiled then said,"Yup that was me."

"Whoa back up that was you? Dam now you owe me 10 gallons of salsa"Kevin threw rock hitting a tree as it bounced back.

"That was your test."Elli said.

"Yeah getting killed was so on my to-do-list."I snarkily said.

Elli just smiled then said,"Common we need to teach you other stuff."

Kevin added in,"Can I get a laser that squirts salsa?"

Elli's face turned ugly as a dark menacing shdow stood behind her."Kevin for f***sake can't you shut the f**** up about salsa?"

Kevin's eyes widened as I glanced at him.Elli angrily walked away as a dark creepy feeling clutched my heart.Lately Elli acted weird as in doing weird stuff in her room and not talking to someone.Jenelle once told me that Elli had pushed her into a knife almost but she ran into the metal poles.The whole way back to school was silent.

A/N:Hey guys here is the first chapter of Hidden hopefully you like it.Thanks for reading and thanks to my awesome readers who patiently wait for me to make the next chapter.

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GO2HELL 9 years ago
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i hate the name can blame my moms friend for that... he just had to be named that and be a cop who f.cking hates me! :D
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