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And Somtimes, I Just Want to feel confident enough to come up

And Somtimes, I Just Want
to  feel  confident  enough  to  come  up  to  you
and   have   an  actual  conversation   with   you
at   school.  but  what  i  do?  when  you  talk  to
me, i freeze, and all i can do is smile,  or  laugh
and a joke you say. you bring  on  the butterflies
everytime  i'm  near   you,  or   just  look  at   you.
it's   like  you  have  the  power  to  make me fall
in   love   with  you  everytime i see  you. maybe
thats  good. i hope  it is, but it's driving me crazy.
the  reason for  my   babbling  about all of  this?

I Love You.

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xDAViDxARCHULETAx 1 decade ago
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this is so me =]
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