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Hidden Chapter Four Out of Reach by Mattew Perryman Jones ♥

Hidden Chapter Four

Out of Reach by Mattew Perryman Jones

♥ Jace ♥

I drove up to Rosewood Middle School as thousands of memories flew in my mind.As usual the blistering heat burned practically anyone standing outside for long.The trees had grown up taller as I remembered that day when I saw Alli walking in the FBI meeting.Savannah had gotten so jealous when I was looking at her but to tell you the truth Savannah had nothing to be jealous of ever of Alli.After 14 years later my daughter Alyssa had blond hair and green eyes and somehow not looking like Savannah in any way.Alyssa sat down putting her backpack neatly and sighed.

I spoke up,"Hey honey how did school go?"

"Good I missed all of my friends but I'm soooo tired!"Alyssa exclaimed making me chuckle.I remembered I felt the same way eveytime I went to school on the first day of school.As I had seen her walk I knew guys glanced at her like she was a princess or something.

We talked animately about school and my memories of it as she nodded along and sipped on water.The ride didn't take too long as we pulled in the house and Savannah stood there with a golden colored dress on.My mouth had dropped as Alyssa laughed at my reaction.

"Hey honey cakes."I said and kissed her.

"Jace! I'm busy right now and I thought Alyssa was staying over at a friends house."Savannah exclaimed.

I stood back then said,"But she stays over a friends house every day.... I thought it would be nice to have a family together."

"Family my @/s! I don't want her in my sight!"Savannah shrieked as Alyssa's eyes threatened to unleash a flood.

"Mom did I make you mad somehow?I'm sorry mom."She whispered.

Savannah grabbed Alyssa's arm then said,"I wish you were never born you filthy child!"Savannah screamed then threw her on the floor.Alyssa started crying as I hugged her.Lately Savannah and I had these fights and poor Alyssa got hurt.Savannah started taking drugs so I had to move to my other house with Alyssa since she could get hurt or worse.

Alyssa sobbed then said,"Why daddy? Why does mom have to be so mean?"

I didn't answer as I cleaned her wound and made her cookies so she can eat something while doing her homework.The quietness of the house echoed around as I felt like I needed to talk to someone.But who could I talk to? Who would understand me? I knew the answer before the questions but I was afraid to actually believe it.

I told Alyssa that I would come back by 6 and she nodded as I got in my car.For a minute I didn't start it as I heard my heavy breathing in the awkward silence.In slow motion I gunned the engine and drove off to the hospital.As cars whizzed by so did my memories of 14 years ago.That night at the chruch ruined my sleep as I remembered her screams and my words that came back to haunt me.Did I really pick the right choice? Those thoughts beckoned in my mind then I shrugged it off.

I got in the hospital and checked in to see her as I stepped in her room.Her face was beautiful as usual and her pink lips were closed as I knew her brown hair lavisly kept all these years.With baby steps I sat down next to her and grabbed her hand.

"I'm sorry.......I'm sorry Alli."I said.

I almost felt her thumb circling my hand but maybe it was just me wishing she would come back and take Savannah to jail.I don't know why but I kept on imagining Savannah would be more mature but she never did become mature.

I spoke up again."Alli I don't know why I did it. I've become mature and living with Savannah is hard.I just want to say sorry Alli."

Now I felt a little stupid as one tear landed on her hand.I looked up and felt my face that had tears.In a quick flash I wiped them away and walked out the room.

Maybe one day Alli will wake up but I might never change.

A/N:Hey guys so what do you think of Jace's point? Do you think he's faking it or is he serious? Any ideas on what you think will happen next? Do these chapters seem a little similar?Comment if you listened to the song and tell me if you think it fits Jace.As usual thanks for reading and have a great summer =]

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