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Hidden Chapter Five Whisper by Evanescence ♥ Jenelle ♥

Hidden Chapter Five

Whisper by Evanescence

♥ Jenelle ♥

Mom picked me up as I finished my homework in lightening speed.I was in all honors and so far was acing classes.Tennis practices were easy and fun and the I was the president of 5 clubs.You would think that stress of joining all of this would get to me but luckily I can teleport and have mind powers.When mom had left to work I jogged my way to gym feeling relaxed.Somehow jogs help me calm down after a stressful day.Dirt swirled in the distant as the sun dipped a little bit behind the ice covered mountains.I sighed until I tripped over something that was in my way.

Somehow someone had moved a large boulder in the way which made me spiraling to the floor.I checked to see if I didn't break anything and fortunatly nothing was broke.Under the boulder two leather bound notebooks were kept as I thought of someone leaving burying their notebooks just so they can get out of math.I grabbed the notebooks and saw they were diaries.For some stupid reason I looked around then opened the blue covered diary which had some red dots sprinkled over it.

April 15th 

I was shocked today to see he asked me to show him my arms.How did he know? How did he know I cut myself?Something inside of my cold dead heart had become alive when he talked to me.My mind says though no one can care for me ever.No one ever.My mother made sure of that and the only thing that keeps me alive is my music.Christine and Mira don't know anything about my pain and it should be left like that forever.


I flipped the diary to the end to see the last diary entry.

Oh I can't believe it! Hunter is taking me to the dance and I feel so alive.My heart feels like it's worth something and getting the band will help me find a way to give a ray of light to others.Mira helped me dress up and we laughed like the good times.This time there was no envy or sorrow like before.Hunter made me alive.

I just know two things.

I'm alive because of Hunter and I love him.

My mouth had opened up as I read the entry.Even though it seems like Jenny had a happy ending something made me want to question it.She seemed like a suicidal person so did she ever stop?Is she alive and walking around?Could one of my friends be their kid or so?So many questions ran through my head and all attempts of going to the gym escaped.In a silent agreement I ran to the school library finding the yearbook that were dated all the way to 1956.Dam! That school was old.The librarian gave me an ugly glance then spoke up.

"Excuse me miss library times are over."

"Oh, I uh um am sorry."I said then quickly put the yearbooks away.

It was dark out as crickets chirped and stars twinkled cheerfully.Slowly it was becoming cooler from the extremely hot day that had left everyone sweating.My hair was kept in a perfect pony tail as I started walking.It felt like hours but it was only couple of minutes when I arrived at the cafe.I walked in since the pile of homework I had would make me stay up a bit later then usual.I went inside and ordered my coffee to go as I watched people walk by.

The waitress brought my coffee to me as I gave her a tip.

"Wait by any chance do you know a girl name Jenny?"I asked knowing it would be stupid to ask.

The waitress laughed,"Thousands of Jenny's might live here hon I just ask orders not names."

She walked away giving me a strange look and I grabbed my coffee.As I walked out out of nowhere a car came straight for me and knocked me over.My ribs felt crushed as it hurt to breath.My body felt paralized and I knew I was slipping to the darkness.

A lady dressed like a nurse came up and whispered close in my ear.

"Watch out hon maybe your curiosity will kill you.One the case is over then it's over.Don't try digging up the past or your death is on the spin."

A/N:Another chapter and another suspenseful ending.What's happening to these girls?Are they the victim or are they getting in between something darker then we all thought?

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