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Hidden Chapter Seven ♥ Avery ♥ My eyes opened up

Hidden Chapter Seven

♥ Avery ♥

My eyes opened up slowly almost like they had huge rocks on top of them as I took notice of the pure blinding white walls in the hospital.No wonder people became blind then again I'm sure the doctors here are lazy and the nurses are sl***.I lifted myself up slowly to make sure I didn't fall on the floor since that would sure make a great news cover.Imagine it! 14 year old girl screams at doctor then trips.I'm pretty sure everyone would be laughing till they die and I'll be stuck with an annoying a** old person.Don't get me wrong old people can fun but sometimes they just make you want to choke yourself.

A doctor walked in with a clipboard as he smiled when he saw me.

"Good morning Avery."He flashed his strikingly white teeth.

"Do you honestly think anyone gets a good morning waking up to a pure white hospital?"I sassily said.

"Well you are released today to go with your Aunt Lily."The doctor replied in a lightheart tone which made me hate him even more.

"Actually can I stay at my friends house Jenelle?"I asked sweetly knowing the doctor was scared of me ever since I practically choked him.

"Yes of course for however long you want to."He said and before leaving he added,"You're clothes are in the restroom.Change then please come meet me in the office.I'll let them you're invited."

I leaned in closely to him and said,"I don't get invited and stop this fake nice crap since I know you're a fake phony kinda of doctor."

The doctors eyes widened as he scurried off like a little rat.When he left I quickly shut the door and dressed in my light pink skinny jeans,black boots and leather jacket with a white tee underneath.I walked out to the office and sat down as I gave the doctor the glare.

"Listen here I want you to make an appointment next week."The doctor said in a stern voice.

'Why?"I asked a little bored.

"In our MRI scan we saw a chemical imbalance so we just need to see if your okay."The doctor replied.

I left without a word because I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of him making me freaked out.I'm Avery and I'm awesome.With lightening speed I checked my text messages which were from different people as I called Kevin.

"Hey how's my favorite b****doing so far?"I said in a casual voice.

"Forget that what happened to you? You going crazy on the doctor is all over."Kevin eclaimed.

"I can't tell you over the phone wanna make it a date in 15 minutes at Subway?"I asked.

"Deal and see you in 15 minutes."Kevin chirped and hung up.

For some reason I felt a little nervous as I stepped in Subway and sat down.As the minutes ticked by I straightened my hair and my clothes.Just then Kevin walked who smelled like he doused himself in cologne.

I laughed then said,"Did you put on cologne?"

"Yeah why wouldn't I?My best friend got out of the hospital so it's something special."He cheerfully said.

I dryily added,"Yeah well it's not everyday where you have a friend who tries choking a teacher."

"Very true anyways what did you need to tell me?"Kevin asked.

I leaned in closely and said,"My mom died so I saw Abbey's mom feeling up the doctor when he told me."

Kevin's eyes widened then said,"Sh** Avery where are you going to stay?"

That's what I liked about Kevin.He wasn't the type to say oh I'm sorry he's more like hey are you okay? I'll give you some time but I still care for you.

"I'm staying at Jenelle's house."I informed as he nodded.

"And there's more I'm thinking?"Kevin said.

I smiled since he knew me so well."Yeah there saying I might have a chemical imbalance."

"What!"Kevin exclaimed then added,"Are you taking a test or something?"

"Yeah."I said.Sometimes I felt like my strength was withering but Kevin always cheered me up.

I hugged him goodbye and packed my stuff to go to Jenelle's house.As I arrived at her house her mom looked extremely worried so she motioned me to the side.When she hung up she turned towards me.

"Jenelle's in the hospital."She said quietly.

I gasped as she hurried out the door.I followed her and sat down in my car.Somehow Jenelle never got hurt but this was weird.She was super careful and nice to everyone most of the time.I didn't know what to do except the fact that Jenelle was hurt.

The familar scene of the hospital zoomed by as I darted in her room.Her usual healthy flushed face was paler then the sheets as the heart monitor beeped in uneasy pace.Her eyelashes fluttered vividly as she was fighting something for her life.The same doctor came by and gave me a wary look.

"She has been in a car accident and we are doing our best ma'am so can you please sit outside?"He said in a polite manner which I knew was fake.

Knowing Jenelle's mom who always looked like she was going to a country club sat outside quietly.Elli was very quiet which made me wonder if she had slipped into coma or something.

Couple of burly officers walked in flashing their belts and outfit as I kept my gaurd.They seemed like they were walking to me so I tried to keep my eyes cool as Elli looked panick stricken.

"Are you Avery?"One of them asked.

"Yes I am."I said trying to be polite.

"We need to take you to the station for some questions."Another cop said that had a doughnut in his hand.

I glanced at Elli and she nodded to me.

Somehow these cops know something and I intend to find out.

A/N:Hi guys I'm sorry I take so long but I just want the perfect chapter and I'm trying to see if I can make them longer.I'd love any feedback and thanks to my awesome readers for waiting so long and reading my stories even if they aren't at my best.=]


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