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Hidden Chapter Eight ♥ Calista ♥ The wolves gleaming

Hidden Chapter Eight

♥ Calista ♥

The wolves gleaming teeth gave a chill down my spine as I tried backing away.My hands were covered in fresh brown dirt that surpringly felt relaxing.Their fur was matted with sweat as I saw in their golden eyes that I was done for.Time seemed to stop as my defenses weakened when I saw one of the wolves jump on me.Then in a flash I tried fighting back as much as I can but it was useless.My body had cuts all over as my blood seeped through my pale dress.My hair was standing in different strands as I could hear them talk.

Let's take her to the leader.

No we must finish her.

We can't! She has the Irish blood which means she is our ruler.

Well then.

Now I started to wonder if I was hallucinating but maybe it's just me.Out of nowhere the wolf came to me and nudged me.I patted it and let it know that I was no new danger.They all bowed to me as I smiled.With amble feet I grabbed my belonging and left as they gave me an acknowledging look.I know,I know it's weird but I think maybe taming the wolves were my thing or something.

As my vision started going in circles I felt to the ground and gave into the glorious slumber.


I couldn't open my eyes but I swear something wet was running down my thighs.I felt like I was on fire but it felt sooo good.My chest opened as my breathing quickened with an uneven pace.It was a thrill and I didn't know how I felt.I heard a guy speak up in the distant.

"Hey man look at this girls thighs they're juicy."The guy chuckled as I felt someone was picking me up.

I felt a searing hot touch as I felt someone licking me from the inside.My eyes opened up as I punched the guy.

He laughed then said,"Oh! That hurts!"

"Well you know what you shouldn't touch a girl when she's unconcious."I spat out.

"Hey man your 18 I like your body so I can do whatever I want."The guy said laughingly.

"I'm 14 you know that right?"I said.

"Sh!** we had no idea but we're still keeping you darling."He put a tape around me and took me to an old dump of a cabin.If he wanted to kill me then couldn't he have atleast made it pretty?Well then I guess death sure has an ugly face.

"If you're going to kill me then just do it."I said boringly.

"Oh no we're gonna use you in ever way."The guy said.

"What's your name?"I asked.

"Blake honey."He said dripping the words as he tied me.

He took his black shirt off and showed off his 6 packs.The golden tan on him accentuated his eyelashes which were amazing.Something inside of me shuddered.Slowly he took his shorts off and took my shirt off too.I struggled under his grip as he rubbed me in all the wrong places.Just then he laughed and walked away.I was left there feeling stupid and useless.Just like mom guys only wanted to use me not love me.

I started crying not caring my makeup was being ruined as he padded back in.

"Hey darling what's wrong?"He asked softly in an drawl.

"Everything."I sputtered as he let me go to put my shirt on.I knew there was no chance of me escaping since everything was locked.His eyes held sorrow as I held his gaze.

"Tell me slowly and whatever you want."He said genty.

"I can't! You can't know! You freaking almost tried r*ping me!"I screamed.

When I was done my face was red as he walked away.My eyes began to be drowsy as he sat next to me brushing my hair away.Slowly and gently I felt a little peice of my heart being filled up with something I can't explain.

Was it possible to like your kidnapper/r*pist?

A/N:Another chapter and sorry for making it short.I think this might be a filler chapter since more things are coming up.Night has come now but will Abbey be safe? What about Jenelle and her life being on the line? Alyssa and Avery are out of the danger zone but will their hearts be out of the danger zone too?It's all Hidden and secrets will only be revealed in time.

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