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Fate Chapter 2 I wake with a start. That was a crazy dream. If

Chapter 2

I wake with a start. That was a crazy dream. If only it were real.
Holy scrap.
I sit up in bed. It was! I grab my phone and immediately call Sophie. She picks up on the first ring.
“How’s Mrs. Styles?” she questions. I can almost see her spreading her pink lips into a mischievous grin.
“Tired. And I still don’t get it. What was he doing?” I sigh.
“Well, there’s something there. Don’t worry, something will happen. I promise.”
“Okay,” I reply.
Sophie can tell I’m upset.
“Listen, I have to go into the city to visit my grandma in Brooklyn. But when I get back tonight, we can have a girls night. Okay?” she asks sympathetically.
“Okay,” I say, hanging up the phone.
 I knew it. He’s a star. A hot, funny guy who would never be interested in an average girl like me. Why did I ever actually think that we had a chance.? I have barely had a conversation with the guy! There’s nothing between us.
I force myself out of bed and into the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, I take myself in. Blonde hair, dark undertones. Nothing special there. Green eyes. I guess they’re not too average, but they don’t sparkle. They’re dark.
My eyes focus on my shirt. Harry commented on it last night, but he’s probably done that a hundred other times to a hundred other girls. I rip it off of my body and throw it into the overflowing hamper in my room.
After my shower, I go downstairs, phone in hand.
“Hey, sweetie,” my mother says, as she flips a pancake, “I didn’t want to wake you too early, I knew you had a late night. But I made breakfast!”
“I’m not hungry,” I mumble, grabbing my keys and walking to the door.
“Oh,” I hear my mother say behind me, “Well, be back in time for curfew!”
I nod, as I open the front door with a loud creak and walk to my car. I sit down in the driver’s seat and pause. Where am I even going? What am I doing? Today is Saturday, and everyone I know is no doubt still in bed at this ungodly hour of nine.
I unlock my phone and try to decipher who I can call without them getting too angry at me. I decide on my friend Helen, who is a sweetheart and probably didn’t get home too late last night.
My finger presses the contact app and I begin to type into the search bar.
My heart stops. Helen is usually the only person I have in my phone whose name begins with “H”. But two names appear. The first one, none other than Harry Styles.
“This isn’t real,” I whisper as I click on his contact.
I stare at the number and the options blankly. What do I do? Is this even real? If it is him, he probably isn’t up either.
I don’t know what to do, so I lock my phone. Tossing it to the passenger seat, I start the car and begin to drive. I don’t know exactly where I want to go, but I know that I’m going to the city.
By the time I arrive in the heavily packed city of New York, I am sweating. I have butterflies in my stomach and my eyes dart to my blank phone every couple of minutes.
I park in a parking garage, paying to stay for the day. I shakily grab my phone and head to the nearest Starbucks. I need wifi. After ordering a small coffee, I hold my phone in my small hands.
I cautiously open up to the new mysterious contact. I look at the time. 9:45. Well, let’s hope I don’t wake him. Pressing the call button, I hold my phone up to my ear.
It rings, and it rings, and it rings. Just as it seems voicemail will take over, I hear someone pick up.
“Hello?” a groggy voice asks.
So much for not waking him. I take a deep breath and force words into my mouth.
“H-hi, uh, I think you put your contact in my phone.” I say as clearly as possible. There’s rustling, whoever is on the other side of the phone seems to be sitting up in bed.
“Ah, yes. I hoped you would call,” his British accent sounds so hot when he’s sleepy.
“Harry?” I whisper.
“Yes, it’s me, love,” he replies. I can sense him smiling through the phone.
“You know, I really like you. I know I may only know you as the girl who looked incredible last night, but I feel as though there’s a connection between us. Something special,” He rambles, sounding very cute.
Again, Harry Styles is nervous around me!
I pause to think.
“I think there’s something there too,” I say, “I’m in the city. I figured you guys would stay in a hotel here, since there aren’t a lot of other options in New York.
“You’re right, darling,” he says cheekily, “Do you want to meet up? I can be ready in ten minutes. We are staying in the Grand Hotel. It’s pretty low-par, so we aren’t mobbed by fans who expect us to stay in a five-star,” he says. I can hear him getting out of bed and getting ready as he speaks.
“Sounds great. I’m actually pretty close to where you are. I’m in a Starbucks. I’ll text you the address, If you don’t mind coming here,” I say nervously.
“No problem! Like I said, I’ll be there in ten minutes,” he practically shouts, “Oh! And one more thing,”
“What?” I ask curiously.
“I’m afraid I’ve been terribly rude. What’s your name?” he asks guiltily.
“Kristen,” I say shyly.’
“Kristen. Okay, Kristen, you have a lovely name. I will see you soon!’ he tells me.
“Okay, bye!” I reply, hitting the end button.
Oh my god. This is not happening.

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