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Fate Chapter 3 Sitting in the Starbucks lounge, I feel drowsy.

Chapter 3

Sitting in the Starbucks lounge, I feel drowsy. I shift my position on the leather couch and close my eyes. Taking a deep breath, all of a sudden I sense a presence in front of me. When I open my eyes, my gaze is greeted by a pair of shiny green eyes.
I jump, startled.
“Woah, babe! You okay?” Harry asks, a flirty smile painted on his expression.
“Y-yes, I just didn’t notice that you were here,” I stutter.
“Just got here, actually.  I saw that you had your eyes closed and decided to scare you, for payback when I noticed that you weren’t in the crowd for the rest of the show,” he says, as his expression turns unreadable.
“Sorry, I got into a bit of a scuttle. Sit down,” I say, brushing my long hair over my shoulder, as I pat the empty space beside me with my free hand. Flirting time.
“Alright,” he says as he winks. He sits extremely close to me, leaning back as he puts a gentle hand on my thigh.
I have to resist the urge to jump. He caught me of guard. Two can play at this game.
Twirling my hair in one hand, I turn to face him, putting my legs around his, so that we’re wrapped around each other in a way. He turns beet red at first, but then adjusts himself and brushes a piece of hair out of my face.
 Our faces are just inches away now, and we barely breathe. Time seems to have stopped, and we don’t acknowledge anyone around us. We stay looking into each other’s eyes for a few minutes, cautiously smiling or blushing every once in a while.
“I have an idea,” I whisper, breaking the silence.
“What would that be, beautiful?” he questions.
“Just follow me. I know my way around the city, so I have a place we can go without anyone to bother us,” I say, indicating to the several girls starting to excitedly notice Harry.
“Okay, lead me away, princess!” Harry states excitedly as he stands up, my hand in his, bowing to me.
“Let’s go,” I breathe as I lead him out of the Starbucks, his hand in mine.
We practically skip, as he follows me, stopping every so often to laugh at our ridiculousness. It’s crazy how comfortable I am around him. I never thought I could’ve been so happy with another guy, after… Never mind, I don’t want to think of that.
“We’re going on a date! Kristen likes me, so we’re going on a date!” Harry yells as he smirks at me.
I playfully let go of his hand, and pretend to act disgusted.
“A date?” I question, “You call this a date? This is only the beginning of what I have planned, so we’ll be married in your book by the time the day is over!!” I wink at him.
“I have no problem with that,” he cheekily states as he walks in front of me and kneels down, “Get on my back, Kris.”
“No, way! I need to lead you to the secret location! Besides, I’ll be heavy,” I say as I look at my feet.
“You can give me directions, and no, you will not be too heavy. You’re tiny!” he says, turning around as he lifts my chin up.
“I don’t think I am, Harry. This is a dark subject, so I’ll talk about it later and for now, I’ll walk, if it’s okay,” I say, as I force myself not to get upset.
“Darling, it’s okay! We can talk whenever you want to,” he says as he smiles and shyly walks back to my side and grabs my hand again.
“Ready, Kris?”
“Ready,” I say as I nod my head and begin to lead him through another shady alley on my way to my favorite hang-out spot in Manhattan. 
We travel through several more long, dark roads until we reach the garden. It’s on the roof of an abandoned business firm, and a few people have made it into a garden over the past two years. I get a lot of my thinking done up there, with its silence. But I can already tell that we won’t be doing much of that.
“This is it?” he questions as he approaches the rustic, broken down building.
“Well, it is technically, but it’s a little farther up,” I say with a sneaky grin.
I lead him through the large double doors, approaching the wide staircase. I breathe in the all too familiar smell of wood and paint from the building’s previous owners, who left it all behind.
 Taking his hand in mine, we begin to travel up the many steps. I’m starting to feel out of breath, walking up all of these stairs is exhausting. Harry seems to sense it. Great.
“Ready for that piggy back ride yet?” he asks shyly yet flirtatiously.
“Fine,” I breathe, “But it’s not my fault if you are crushed by me.”
“Babe. You’re perfect the way you are,” he says as he carefully picks me up and allows me to wrap my legs around his torso.
Wow, only in my wildest dreams would my legs be wrapped around Harry Styles’ muscular upper body.
I was lost in my own crazy thoughts before I realized that we were at the top of the stairs.
“Are you ready?” I playfully ask as I grab the doorknob that leads to the chamber of my thoughts.
“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Harry states as he bites his lower lip.
I swing open the door to reveal the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in my seventeen years. Flowers fill at least a hundred pots, blooming in every color imaginable. A beautiful sea of flowers, all for us to indulge. There are several groups of small trees, creating pathways throughout the roof.
I start to make my way to my favorite spot. I turn around to find Harry still standing in the doorway, staring at me.
“What do you think?” I whisper.
“Beautiful. The flowers are good too,” he playfully shrugs as he begins to approach me.



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first to fav and comment i want more lol so yeah it would be cool if you drew a picture of the two of them
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thank you!!!
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Madi28 8 years ago
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we can't draw, but Harry is obviously Harry, and Kristen is portrayed by Erin Heatherton. And Sophie is a Delia's model named Sasha Kubicka
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heythereeveryone 8 years ago
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whens new chappy
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