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"An insidiously evil thing . It seems to take hold slowly.

"An insidiously evil thing . It seems to take hold slowly. The effects not visible until it has gone to the heart. Therein it grows stronger each day feeding on the emotion, and faculties. Then it does a curious thing. At it's height! It starts to ebb away. Day by day, Hour by hour, until it is only a minute thing. Knowing the host can no longer sustain it any longer it starts to leave. Slowly seeking a new victim to start the process again. When this happens whomever had this affliction is left a hollow shell of what they once were. Listen closely, and hear the sighing of the ocean. An ocean of trapped in this little shell. Nothing more than a terrible disease of the mind. Some fight it, others succumb to it. Of the latter some never recover, and others do to become a host again. It is a madness this terrible disease called love."

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