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Stolen Heart Chapter 10 Kelsie's eyes were burning in flames

Stolen Heart
Chapter 10
Kelsie's eyes were burning in flames as she stormed out of the room as the bell rang, her eyebrows narrowed down over her eyes. She couldn't believe Rein would hide a secret this way, hiding the biggest secret ever. Well, maybe she lied about Craig and all and maybe she hid her crush from her best friend, but this wasn't the same thing. For days Rein has kept that secret for so long and now, this was going to end.

''Kelsie, woah.'' Matthew said, stopping her from walking so fast, standing in front of her. Kelsie was breathing heavily in fury and Matthew knew that whatever she was angry about, confronting it now wouldn't be that great of an idea, ''Kels, what's wrong?'' Matthew regretted asking this question because, he was splashed on with a wave of rage from Kelsie. Curses were flying from left to right that, he was getting embarrassed with how everyone was looking at them. Until, those last words Kelsie told him made him freeze on spot.''

''Did you just say Craig and Rein are dating?'' He swallowed the words the Kelsie said and she nodded quickly, pushing Matthew out of her way.

''Yeah. I have to go talk to her now because, apparently Craig and Rein are spending their lunch together going somewhere probably romantic.'' She repeated all of his words and continued her march of doom towards Rein, Matthew following every of her footsteps. She couldn't even prepare some words in her head because she knew everything she was going to say to Rein. The worst part was when she saw her at her locker, smiling and chattering with Craig himself. Of course, students were whispering among themselves about this, but it seemed not to happen in their world. Their small little world that made steam come out of Kelsie's ears. She approached them, closing the locker door on Rein who stared at her with a bemused look on her face.

''What's up, Rein.'' Kelsie started, letting her bag go and bringing her face closer to Rein's. Rein looked back at Craig who had a blank expression on his face as if something was going extremely wrong at this present moment. Matthew tried to set himself between them but, it was impossible since Rein and Kelsie kept on pushing him back. Rein was angry that Kelsie had the audacity to show up in rage and approach her in this manner, that was totally out of her game while Kelsie was furious about the whole Craig thingy going on.

''What's up, Kelsie.''

To Be Continued.

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