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Stolen Heart Chapter 11 ''Hiding something from me, 'bestie.''

Stolen Heart
Chapter 11
''Hiding something from me, 'bestie.'' Kelsie uttered, emphasizing on the last word, dropping her bag to the floor and pressing her palms against her hips. The sudden frown that spread across Rein's face bemused her. Why would Rein be frowning if the situation was describing itself?

''I really don't know what you're talking about and to be honest,'' Rein closed her locker with a chuckle, ''I don't care right now.''

''You both are dating?'' Kelsie said  in disbelief. Even saying it seemed wrong and with that, the jaws that fell to the ground around them was unbelievable. Why would the popular Craig go for such a low nerdy girl? It was unreal for the hidden Matthew, standing behind the argument and trying to keep a safe distance from the girls. Seeing Kelsie's wrath wasn't new however, the fury that could be read all over her face was surprising to everyone, even Rein herself. Rein's tried to calm herself down, but the light shade of pink that formed itself unto her cheeks was showing how embarrassed she was feeling at this present moment in front of Craig. Obviously for the last couple days she had this small feeling for Craig, but dating still seemed wrong.

Rein parted her lips to answer, but the arm that flew across her shoulder made her voice stop. She looked up, but his gaze was still  focused on Kelsie's who was staring at this situation with a scowl, ''Yes, we are.''

''What?!'' They all said simutaneously and Rein brushed his arm off, pushing him back before turning her face back towards Kelsie who was now grabbing her purse from the ground.

''I can't believe you'd do this to me, you're such a b.itch.'' Kelsie whispered to her, but the tears that were trying to escape was noticeable. She shook her head and turned around, only making Rein feel worthless and pathetic for what she had done. Not to mention, she had done nothing wrong. However, when her best friend was abroad of tears for some reason, it was obvious something she did wasn't right.  Before she knew it, herself was walking the other direction with tears scrolling down her cheeks. When she felt Craig's palm press itself against her shoulder, she slapped it away and ran as fast as she could out some large doors and into the fresh air. 

Why is Craig keeping on lying this way?
Which one will Matthew choose though, he's between his two best friends?
And plus, did Rein do anything wrong?

Answer your thoughts to these questions in the comment section BELOW.

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littledirectionerchristian* 6 years ago
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Can there not be right and wrong answers? Cuz I don't think Rein did anything wrong or I just need to read this chapter again
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