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Hey everybody! (: It's been so long since I've been here.

Hey everybody! (:
It's been so long since I've been here. I remember when I first made a Witty! How awesomesauce! :D
Since I've been gone, I've broken up with that monster of a boyfriend. 
If he's going to control you, tell you what to do, say, act, think, wear, and so on, HE ISN'T WORTH IT. Trust me. Anywho, I've gotten into a much healthier, more relaxing relationship with a much better man. 

Since I've been gone, I've won a battle VS. Anorexia, Depression, and a very low self esteem. But what happened?
That's right. I made it through, just like the rest of you can. I know you've all got the fight in you. 
All in all, thank you for your ongoing support, and your forever lasting love.
Remember, you're worth it.
Love you all always. 


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