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a smiling girl, as pretty as can be always assured this by everyone

a smiling girl, as pretty as can be

always assured this by everyone but she never agrees. when she looks in the
mirror, all she can see is disaster. her world keeps spinning and it only gets faster.
 nobody knows of her broken life at home, where nothing is right and she feels
so alone. her days seem endless, she can’t find a friend so she does the
unspeakable in hopes her torture would end. but it only continues cause of her
 attempts to make right. she’s lives in regret all because of one night. now not a
day goes by where she doesn’t see her error. it practically dances on her wrist
and  it fills her with terror.  for what if the kids at  school were to discover this
scandal? the gossip and lies would be more then she could handle. and so she
 confides in an old  part of her past. suddenly a weight is lifted, it happened so
fast.  This girl  is  now  happy;  it  was  all  just  a  dream but remember this ;
nothing is ever what it may seem

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twilight_bffs 1 decade ago
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wow okay so this is like the most ahmazing quote EVER like really i could never think of something this brillant
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