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I love him He loved me ♡♡♡♡♡♡ ♥So I found

I love him

He loved me


♥So I found out that my crush since the 6th grade liked me on the last day of seventh grade and I told him I liked him too,through facebook we would message each other during the entire two months of summer,and for the first time my

Life was perfect

We would message each other for hours,in fact in each week...we sent about 2,000 messages to each other.He sent me the cutest messages and always told me how much he loves me and we both couldn't wait to go to school again in August. But a week before school I got grounded for that week,so he thought I was ignoring him.On the first day of eighth grade we didn't talk...

And it was like it never happened

I went to talk to him one day when...
I found out that
he was going out with another girl, an old friend 

I was crushed.

I couldn't believe it

So I didn't talk to him.I couldn't.It hurt too much. A couple days ago I decided to message him on facebook about my feelings for him. We had a 10 minute conversation at the most.

But it wasn't the same

I've been an emotional wreck since then.

And I don't feel loved by anyone anymore.

I truely love him.And I'll never stop.

He's perfect to me.All I have left are our old messages...
I've never been so
heart broken before.

Even in the process

of typing this

I cried three times




ThatMomentWhen* 9 years ago
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Fruit99punch yea they are
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永久* 9 years ago
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Is this a true story? Because your tags have "Facebook" in them...
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mikayla4eva 9 years ago
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aalmost the exact same thing happened to me
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LookingForBrittany 9 years ago
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Heartbreak can suck, maybe talking to him at school instead, facebook ruins friendship/relationships, but there one thing I am sure of, one day you look back at yourself now and think "Wow, he was just a jerk, I deserve better." And that's what I'm thinking. I mean, I don't even know you and I still know that any guy that would do that, and ignore you is just rude, and no one wants someone that would ignore them or treat them bad. So his loss, but in time it'll get better. xxxx
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